Mariano Rivera documentary reveals he had “no desire left” in September

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Throughout the 2013 season, Mariano Rivera told the media, fans and his teammates that he’s not second guessing his retirement decision. Once the final game ended in 2013, that would have been it for Mo. However, during Mariano Rivera’s documentary, he had a more straightforward answer as he spoke to Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz when they went to have lunch in early September–while the Yankees were still in contention for a Wild Card spot.

“I can’t wait for the moment when this is over,” Rivera said in Spanish to the Red Sox slugger. “I’m ready for it already, brother. I’m ready for it. Mentally and physically, I’m ready for it. There’s no desire anymore.”

The wear and tear was evident on Rivera, even admitting that everyone wanted a piece of him while signing autographs and doing multiple interviews towards the end of the 2013 season.

The documentary follows Rivera’s final season while showing highlights from Rivera’s professional career including Rivera heading to Spring training wearing the #31. The documentary is a must watch and frankly we can’t blame Rivera for saying he had no desire left in September. He’s been playing for almost 20 years and did everything he possibly could have imagined. What more was there to do?

Being: Mariano Rivera airs October 20 on FOX. Check your local listings for the time.

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