Rodriguez’s appeal hinders Yankees spending spree plans

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As the 2013 baseball season winds down, the Hot Stove heats up with rumblings, rumors and signings. Teams plan ahead before the final game of the season, discussing what positions need to be filled the following year. The Yankees shopping list is pretty lengthy but there are also question marks. Want to see what I mean? Here’s a partial checklist:

Bullpen pitchers
— Three starting pitchers
— An outfielder
A second basemen
— A catcher
— A third basemen (????)

Notice there are question marks around third base. That’s because the Yankees are in limbo about whether or not to spend money on a third basemen. It all goes back to Alex Rodriguez‘s appeal. You see, if all had went well, the decision to the appeal should have been made just before the World Series. However, with breaks in between and the next hearing not happening for another three weeks, the appeal might not end until November 22 at the earliest. The decision to the case might not happen until after the Winter Meetings (December 9-12), the latest being the week before Christmas.

With so many delays in A-Rod’s appeal hearing, the Yankees might not know until Christmas if they need a new third basemen, and it could possibly be too late since the big free agents will already be off the board.

Brian Cashman stressed at his end of the season meeting that he considered Rodriguez an eligible piece for 2014 since he hasn’t been suspended yet. However, it would be nice for the appeal to end as soon as possible, just so the Yankees know where they stand with the third base situation come next season.

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7 Responses to Rodriguez’s appeal hinders Yankees spending spree plans

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    This is insignificant in regards to 3B. If A-Fraud comes back he plays third. If he's suspended they'll probably go with Reynolds. It is hugely important as far as the $189 mil cap goes. Without a suspension they simply won't be able to fill the holes AND re-sign Cano.

  2. caspian says:

    Every once in a while you get a blessing in disguise, and I sense the A-Rod situation possibly being one of those. The uncertainty could force the Yankee front office to actually think smart for once and find some creative solutions. In other words, Cashman (assuming he’s clever enough) would have to operate under the assumption that he’ll have to pay A-Rod next year and thus have less money to work with. Hence, he’ll have to refrain from signing every single high-priced mercenary past his prime to an absurd contract and possibly initiate a youth movement in which the club will actually acquire or develop some guys who are cheaper and still have their best years ahead of — instead of behind — them.

    One can only hope. Hey, the ’90s dynasty got established by accident too.

  3. Nothing like the benefit of hindsight but as I sit here on 12/14/2013 it appears virtually certain that the arbitrator's ruling will not happen until January. I don't quite know what the Yanks have in mind. Giving Ellsbury a big, fat 7 year contract seems excessive. Beltran 3 years I can't argue with, they had just lost Cano. Brian McCann was a no brainer and the biggest position upgrade in memory. But, now it seems as if they are pulling in the reigns, refusing to give Omar Infante a 4th year to fill that now vacant hole at 2nd and letting Boone Logan walk. It is still early but it was fustrating to see them come away empty handed from the Winter Meetings though it SEEMS like they are writing off plan 189 and assuming they'd have to pay AROD. Don't minimize the fact that AROD can take this to Federal Court, but the anti-trust and collective bargaining issues would create havoc. Anyway, if he does that I don't think they can keep him out of uniform. The tax implications of Plan 189 would be RELATIVELY minor when compared to the revenue loss due to fan disinterest
    if the Yanks roll out a 500 ballclub.

  4. Now that the Yanks have been officially fined $28 million, plan 189 looks dead–even if AROD gets a 162 game or more suspension. Now go overpay Stephen Drew if that what it takes. When we are quarreling about the potential of a guy like Dean Anna, it is time to bring in real ballplayers.

    • Fined is the wrong word and the luxury tax bill does nothing to change the $189 million plan.

    • Fair enough but the Yanks were penalized and Hal has said they are going to delay the 189 until next year. Might as well go for it and stop the game of chicken with quality, versatile players like Omar Infante. I say they go after Drew who is versatile with a decent bat and cease with the reclamation projects such as Brian Roberts (a back-up at best NOT a platoon player) and AAAA players.. Additionally and obviously, they need pitching and the whole posting ordeal with Tanaka is holding them back from getting the best starting pitcher(s). IMHO forget the changing in the posting system and potential Federal Court appeals, hamper spending.

  5. Let me rephrase the end of my most recent post……….is it time to bring in some Major League infielders. Sorry, that Brian Roberts and Dean (you have to be kidding me) Anna.

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