Sources deny A-Rod was duped by Tony Boesch


Yep, the never ending Alex Rodriguez saga continues–except this time it seems that it’s the New York media that’s stirring the pot.

The New York Daily News published an article this morning stating a source said Rodriguez told the panel that Boesch had duped him into taking illegal substances, however Rodriguez’s legal team disputed the sources claims, citing the sources comments were false. Here is a statement from A-Rod’s publicist Ron Berkowitz:

“We cannot provide any details of this hearing as the Chair of the Arbitration Panel has issued an order prohibiting all parties from commenting publicly on the confidential proceedings, but what is being reported is NOT true.”

So basically, this has turned into an entire ‘he said – he said’ situation and I have a slight feeling that this only going to get uglier as time goes on. Rodriguez’s hearing before arbitrator Fred Horowitz is to end later this week and if both parties cannot come up with an agreement, Horowitz will make a ruling in A-Rod’s case later this winter.

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2 Responses to Sources deny A-Rod was duped by Tony Boesch

  1. Tim says:

    Arod took heat for over 100 players not named on that report from 2003! He confessed and became face of PED use. All they had was a leaked positive test. Other players with failed tests still lied about how or why they tested positive.
    If I had millions of dollars I would be looking into anti aging also. It seems to me guilty or not he may get a pass or certainly not the suspension MLB handed down. Palmeiro even was on TV during hearings then later failed test. Then lied about it. What happened to him Nothing! Why not ? he has over 550+ Hr. People don't call him disparaging names or try and kick out of baseball. Sure his name was probably on list from 2003! Played with Texas also.
    My point is I am a fair person and He has a valid legal point of being a main target.

  2. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Just ban him for life and get it over with!

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