Today in Yankees History: Aaron Boone’s ALCS winning HR in 2003


If there was one word for me to describe the 2003 ALCS, it would be this: insane. 2003 saw the Yankees and the Red Sox, the most storied rivalry in baseball history, compete to punch a ticket to the 2003 World Series where one of the two teams would take on the Florida Marlins. It was a back and forth see-saw series, a series that saw passion, heart, intensity–and some violence (if you think back to Game 3). The series ended in the same see-saw fashion.

What started as a highly anticipated Pedro Martinez vs. Roger Clemens match-up, ended with one swing of the bat in an 11-inning game.

Mariano Rivera had just finished pitching his third inning of work and Tim Wakefield took the mound in the 11th inning, hoping to extend it to the 12th. Aaron Boone was the first batter of the inning; he was placed as a ┬ápinch-runner earlier in the game. The first pitch of the at-bat went off Boone’s bat–and into the seats in left field, sending Boone and the Yankees to the 2003 World Series where they would eventually lose in six games to the Marlins.

Sure, to any other team Aaron Boone’s HR looked as if it was a home-run that just lifted the Yankees to the World Series. But on October 16, 2003, Aaron Boone gave something to the Yankees and to Yankees fans: October extra-inning postseason magic.

I was able to find the game in its entirety if you want to relieve the Yankees / Red Sox Game 7 rivalry.

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