Where will Phil Hughes end up? Probably not in SD

Phil Hughes

Last season during Phil Hughes‘s final year of his contract, there were rumblings and rumors about the San Diego Padres being interested in Hughes since the ballpark is pitcher friendly and he could have a better chance of succeeding in the National League. Well put on the brakes because Hughes to SD might not happen.

According to ESPN New York, a source told them that the Padres are re-thinking their decision in signing Hughes after his 4-14, 5.19 ERA season. The source further questioned that if Hughes couldn’t fully commit to New York, then what would be the difference if Hughes signed in San Diego? The source continued to say that the Padres could become interested in Hughes but warned that they are putting the finishing touches on their offseason plans and could pivot away from offering Hughes a deal.

Hughes would be one of the players the Yankees would not get a draft pick for due to their heavy reluctance of offering him a qualifying offer, in fear Hughes would take the $14.1 Million for the 2014 campaign.

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14 Responses to Where will Phil Hughes end up? Probably not in SD

  1. olie says:

    They will let Hughes walk but offer Rothschild a new contract!

    • JOE says:

      Okay, let us say goodbye to Hughes. It was fun while it lasted but, he cannot even make a good 5 th starter. See ya

  2. hotdog says:

    offering $14.1M is a big gamble…what do you do if no one wants him via free agency or via trade…do you just trade him for anything you can get or do you give him a job…if you make a qualifying offer and he signs via free agency, you give up a draft pick…is he worth an early draft pick for any team…i still think Hughes has an upside and could have a bounce back season but he should get out of Dodge where he can rebuild his credentials…

  3. rose heller says:

    hughes should get out of dodge and stay out of dodge, for effing god..

  4. Michael Mehnert says:

    i would actually keep hughes strictly in pen and scrap joba,and for starting line up sabathia,nova,phelps,kuroda if he comes back and either pineda,huff,nuno or malhom

  5. michael mehnert says:

    i would actually keep hughes strictly in pen b/c he can give u at least a couple of good relief and scrap joba,and for starting line up sabathia,nova,phelps,kuroda if he comes back and either pineda,huff,nuno or malhom but thats if they dont rebuild and get the 2 japanese pitchers their after

  6. Richard E Rovelli says:

    Phil Hughes has bad pitching mechanics, He short arms the ball and is all arm, He dose not use his lower body to pitch. Larry Rothchild is terrible and I would not bring him back. A new pitching coach could help Phil.

  7. John says:

    Agree that his mechanics do not look fluid. I am curious why he does get two strikes often with a very low put-away rate. That's the problem. Well that coupled with a short fence in right field for a "fly ball" pitcher. I remember his first game against Texas and he was dotting the outside corner of the plate on a regular basis. Seems he lost his ability to locate.

  8. joe schmidt says:

    larry rothchild out!! ron guidrey or andy pettite in!!

  9. pisano says:

    Hughes can't pitch in the AL, he gets bombed in every park he's been in the AL. He might do well in the NL, look at what a bum AJ Burnett was with the Yankees, then he goes to the NL and becomes a winner, that may work for Hughes.

  10. Stephen Rose says:

    I think that the Yankees should take a long look at Pineda. He was a successful young pitcher before h is injury and definitely could turn out to be a good starter again. I think Hughes' morale is so low that it can't come back as a member of the Yankees. He needs a change of venue. I hope Kuroda comes back,but I think because of his age he tires early. Get the Bullpen up early when he pitches. I think he's good for about 5 quality innings in the 2nd half and more in the 1st. I say we should give up on Joba too. So to me it looks like Sabathia,Nova, Kuroda, Pineda (if he has a good Spring Training),and pick from Huff, Nuno, or Maholm for the 5th starter. I would, however like them to trade or sign another starter and keep the others on ice for another year. Phelps could continue the way he's being used.

  11. Looper says:

    What Phil Hughes needs to do, find a good pitching coach and teach him what is called pitching.

  12. Mike says:

    I do like the BP idea with the Yanks. The A's should sign him with that big ballpark. It would be a great signing for them. Or maybe the Mets would be a good fit.

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