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Chicago seems to have interest in some Yankees that are about to hit the free agent market. The Cubs are interested in manager Joe Girardi, and now the White Sox are interested in Curtis Granderson.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the White Sox are planning to make a strong push for Granderson.¬†Granderson’s agent said that Granderson is interested in staying in New York, but with the early interest from teams, it might indicate that the two injuries Granderson obtained this season hasn’t hurt his value. A potential White Sox run for Granderson could also get in the way of the Yankees offering him a short-term deal, maybe even a qualifying offer.

The speculation around Granderson is that he would take a one year contract from the Yankees in order to build his value again in 2014, but if he continues to get interest, he could possibly go for the multi-year deal.

One thought on “White Sox reportedly interested in Curtis Granderson

  • Tanned Tom

    I don't see how another team's interest in Granderson will block the Yanks from making the qualifying offer. If anything it makes it more likely to happen.

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