Yankees fire strength and conditioning coach 7

After an injury plagued 2013 season, the Yankees have made their first demotion of the season, firing strength and conditioning coach Dana Cavalea. Cavalea had been in the role since 2007, but he was a strength and conditioning coach in Spring Training since 2003. He previously worked with the Toronto Blue Jays and Pittsburgh Pirates.

7 thoughts on “Yankees fire strength and conditioning coach

  • Michael R

    Oh yeah let's start with the strength and conditioning coach. I wonder how many games he was responsible for losing this past season??? Geesh.

  • Joe

    How about firing the entire player development organization!! With all of the injuries this season, we did not have one player that was major league ready. Let's get more like the St. Louis Cardinals where 20 of their current 25 man roster is "home grown." I don't think anyone can argue with the Cardinals success over the past few years.

  • Joe

    I agree with Joe, something is going wrong with our scouting & player development departments. IMO we are spending to much energy focusing on Central America and need to put those resources into American born players that aren't lying about their age or putting up artificial numbers with PED use.

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