Yankees Mailbag: Cano, 2014, Pineda and more

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Last week, I asked Yankees fans to send in their questions about the 2013 team and the offseason and I was surprised by the amount of questions I received. Since I haven’t done this in a long time (and haven’t done it yet on Bronx Baseball Daily), I decided to have a Yankees Mailbag where I will sort through your questions and answer them. I’m thinking of making this a bi-weekly article so if something pops up during the week I don’t do a mailbag, there could be discussion on it during an upcoming mailbag. Enough of my rambling, let’s get on with answering your Yankees questions!

One of the Yankees main needs is a Major League catcher. Let’s face it, Francisco Cervelli and Austin Romine aren’t Major League catchers. I would look into probably Brian McCann (2013 season: .256/.336/.461).  He’s had 20 or more HR’s since 2009. And let’s be frank, he’s a huge upgrade over what we have now.

I still think that the Yankees are going to have Girardi as the manager in 2014, but if Girardi hypothetically said no and went on his merry way, then I would probably suggest Tony Pena, who is currently a coach on the Yankees. I was impressed with how he managed his team in the World Baseball Classic, so I don’t see why not. But if Tony Pena is out of the question–Ozzie Guillen anyone? (Just kidding…maybe.)

Michael Pineda is going to compete for a spot in the rotation during Spring Training, according to Brian Cashman. However, it’s not guaranteed Pineda makes the 2014 rotation since he still has options for the minors. But he’s definitely in contention for a spot. Oh and he’s also 100% healthy.

The years and amount of money Robinson Cano wants is downright absurd. No team is going to give him 10-years and $300 Million, which is more than Alex Rodriguez‘s contract. I like Cano but he’s not the best player in the universe.

As for your question about Brett Gardner, I think he could be offered a multi-year contract, maybe 2-3 years. But it won’t happen until after the 2014 season finishes since he’s a free agent then. He’s streaky, he gets injured a lot–but he’s a piece the Yankees can’t afford to lose.

Yankees could sign a couple power bats (Mark Reynolds, Brian McCann, etc.) and then attempt to get creative. The Yankees themselves don’t have a backup plan as of yet (or they do and just haven’t told the media). The minor league issue is tricky, because you can draft any player yet you don’t know if they’re going to become a superstar or not. I won’t lie though: the Yankees minor leagues are in shambles. What I would do is have scouts analyze every draft pick on the board, just to get a sense of what they’re dealing with.

I love questions like these! Final score of Game 7 of the 1958 World Series was 6-2 Yankees and they played against the Milwaukee Braves. (For the record I did not cheat or look it up).

Well I said above in the first question I want them to get Brian McCann. Francisco Cervelli…I like him but he’s not a Major League catcher in my eyes. Chris Stewart…to quote Phillip Phillips, “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

I doubt it. He said himself his family is settled in New York and he loves being here. He also said after his father passed, Chicago doesn’t offer much to his family.

Simple answer: Yay!

I have to say yes. In the offseason, they made no big moves, brought back older players and tried to fill plugs with players that they knew had a history of having injures. I would like to think they get most of the blame. The Yankees were putting out kids from Triple-A, so I wasn’t expecting the Yankees to get very far. They did go farther than I thought but still, it’s ownership’s responsibility to get the proper players for the team, and find a way to work around injuries, something they didn’t do well.

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5 Responses to Yankees Mailbag: Cano, 2014, Pineda and more

  1. YankeezFan says:

    The biggest mistake the Yankees made was in getting Hafner.. a fulltime DH, in which they said constantly that the DH spot was needed to give the older players a rest. Not signing Ibanez because of the great post season could also be considered a mistake. They also overpaid for Youkilis which hopefully wont be repeated. Using Chavez and Reynolds at the position would be such a better upgrade and so much cheeper. Cashman had a bad year as a GM and with all the injuries the team couldn't recover from the mistakes that were made in the front office. The biggest worry about the Yankees is the scouting and player development department, without any MLB ready talent, I think that department needs a complete overhaul, its been abissmal to say the least.

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    There was no Milwaukee Brewers in 1958. That was the Milwaukee Braves.

  3. Mike Sommer says:

    There were no Milwaukee Brewers in 1958. That franchise started as the Seattle Pilots in 1969 then moved to Milwaukee to become the Brewers in 1970. The Yanks faced the Milwaukee BRAVES in 1958 (Boston through 1952, Milwaukee 1953-1965, and Atlanta 1966 through today).

  4. Trent Garrison , Fresno State Grad, Limited AB's and time at Staten Island this past summer but finally got Him in there the last few weeks of the season. Big League Arm and Power too. Throwing 1.7's and 8's on the money. Challenge Him Now ! Get Him Up Quick and Lets see.

  5. @Jim_Catfish says:

    If Girardi goes, (he's not) i would suggest Willie Randolph first, & Tony Pena if can't get Randolph. IMO.

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