Yankees won’t give Cano 10-year deal

Robinson Cano 3

Hal Steinbrenner went on a radio tour today, going to two different radio talk shows to discuss the 2013 Yankees and the long offseason ahead. Robinson Cano was one of his topics in both radio interviews, but the second interview centered around Cano and the 10-year deal nonsense. Would the Yankees give Cano a 10-year contract? Steinbrenner says, no.

“I don’t feel that this organization is ready to do something like that,” Steinbrenner said on the Michael Kay show earlier today. “No, I do not. I know that’s a number that’s out there right now. We’ll see if he gets it, how much he wants to be in New York, but I can promise you it’s going to be a very, very solid offer that we do make because we’re going to try. We’re going to try the best we can to keep him.”

Cano is not a “must have” player in the Yankees books, but of course the Yankees are going to make Cano an offer, hopefully one he can’t refuse.

“I’m optimistic and I know that we are going to make him a very, very good offer,” Steinbrenner said. “Is anybody an absolute must-to-sign? No. It is nothing against Robby. That is just not reasonable to assume that about anybody. We are going to do what we can. We’ve certainly conveyed to Robby we want him back and we want him to be a career Yankee. We’ll just have to see what transpires here.”

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4 Responses to Yankees won’t give Cano 10-year deal

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Let's hope they stick to it. More than 6 years at $25 mil per is too much for this guy.

  2. Gonzalo Hiram says:

    I really hope they don`t spend more than 6years/150M or 7years/160M.

    Without Cano we could get:

    Matt Garza and Masahiro Tanaka,
    Pierzynski or Carlos Ruiz,
    Omar Infante and Drew
    and Carlos Beltran.

    Still under the 189M, keeping our draft pick and getting extra picks thanks to Cano and Granderson. If Carlos Beltran gets a qualifying offer, forget about him.

    That team would definitely be better than keeping Cano and just being able to afford Chris Stewart, Brendan Ryan, Vernon Wells and Josh Johnson.

    • hotdog says:

      probably in part why the Yankees and other teams looking overseas…the Yankees need to rebuild and spend wisely…i'd prefer that Cano stays but would not be overwhelmed if he went elsewhere…problem is that there aren't great free agent available on the market for 2014…might have to pull off a trade or two…

  3. Michael R says:

    No way I would go more than 4 years.

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