2014 Breakout Candidate: Brady Lail

Brady LailThe Basics:

BBDP Nickname: Brail
Name: Brady Lail
Age: 20
Draft: 2012 18th round pick out of South Jordan, Utah
Size: 6-foot-2, 195-pounds
Fastball: 94 mph
Other Pitchers: Fastball, Curveball, Change up
BBDP Ranking: 35
Position: RHP
Twitter: blail3
Fun Fact: Lail has a tattoo that says “Success stops when you do.”

Drafted in the 18th round of the 2012 draft, Brady Lail is yet another late round find by the Yankees that appears to be panning out. It seems the Yankees are developing a penchant for finding players like him. Just 170-pounds when he was drafted, he has packed on 25 pounds of muscle and now weighs 195-pounds. In addition to the muscle gain, he has also added a few ticks onto his velocity this year. This took him from a promising young athlete to a guy to watch out for in just one year’s time.

Lail, who grew up a Mets fan, has quickly switched his alliance. He’s proven that by being one of the better young pitchers in the GCL this year. Last year, at the age of 18, Lail pitched to a 1.42 ERA in just 12.2 innings. He notched 10 strikeouts along the way, and walked just two batters.

In 2013 Lail really strutted his stuff in the GCL and showed why he will garner some consideration for a spot in a full season league next year. Lail had 61.2 innings this year and had a 2.92 ERA across 12 starts and 14 appearances. He let up just eight walks and had 56 strikeouts. That’s good for a 7.00 K/BB ratio. His BB/9 rate is just 1.2. Take away his two starts in Tampa (at the age of 19), and his numbers look even better. His ERA drops to 2.33, his walk rate goes down to 0.8 BB/9, and his K/BB ratio climbs to 10.2.

The Stuff:

Brady Lail is one of those guys you love to have on your team. He throws strikes, and still will strike out about a batter per inning. He throws four pitches; a four-seamer, a two-seamer, a curveball, and a change up.

The four-seam fastball sits anywhere from 90-93, peaking at 94 mph. The sinker sits closer to 89-91 and he has been able to draw a fair amount of ground balls with that pitch.

The two secondary pitches he is working on are his change up and the curveball. The change up is already above average and the curveball is a knuckle curve. He’s working most on the curveball to try to make it a viable third pitch.


The current version of Brady Lail projects to have a ceiling of a third starter. Should he continue to have an uptick in his stuff he could be a front of the rotation starter, but that obviously remains to be seen. If he can shift his velocity from 91-93 up to 93-95 we could be talking about a guy with ace potential. That, however, is no easy task.

His floor, at this point would be a reliever. Given his superior control and his solid velocity as a starter, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to have success as a reliever.

2014 Outlook:

Brady Lail will look to really capitalize on his stuff this year. He managed to throw 60+ innings this year which would put him right on target for a position in Charleston. That all depends on who he is competing with for a spot there. Gio Gallegos, Luis Severino, Rookie Davis, Caleb Smith, David Palladino, Conner Kendrick, Ty Hensley and Cale Coshow will all be competing with Lail for a spot there.

The good money should be on Lail to begin the season in extended spring training. If there is an injury or a promotion, he could end up in Charleston but he will likely pitch for short season Staten Island next year. From there he will be a fun guy to follow up the latter.

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