Cano, Kuroda and Granderson decline qualifying offers

Robinson Cano 7

It wasn’t much of a shocker but all 13 MLB players that were offered a qualifying offer, declined them today. Three New York Yankees players were among the 13 players to decline their offers: Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson and Hiroki Kuroda.

The only player that it could have seemed possible out of the three to take the qualifying offer was Curtis Granderson. Granderson was injured for most of 2013 and it could have been a good idea for Granderson to take the qualifying offer to rebuild his free agent value. However, since the injuries weren’t on his part, it seemed likely Granderson thought that he still had some free agent value and it would have been for the best to test the market.

Robinson Cano wasn’t going to take the $14 Million and it seemed the Yankees were offering him the qualifying offer mainly to get a draft pick should he go to another team.

Hiroki Kuroda hadn’t decided if he wanted to return to the Yankees, go play baseball in Japan or to retire. He has those three cards laying on the table. However, if Kuroda decides to go play in Japan, the Yankees would not get their compensation draft pick.

So now that the three Yankees turned down their qualifying offers, what is Brian Cashman going to do now?

“I’d have an interest, clearly, in signing any of them.”

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3 Responses to Cano, Kuroda and Granderson decline qualifying offers

  1. David says:

    I hate this time of year. It is what has soured me on baseball. Knowing the state of our economy, and the suffering of so many people, to have to watch people playing a school yard game, turn down millions of dollars, only because they want more, is disgusting. The owners are no better, continually raising ticket and concession prices. It's the total package of greed, and it has ruined the sport.

    • yo mommasan says:

      Know what? I see why, relative to the suffering in this world, you would feel like that. But maybe that's the wrong comparison. Here's another: the sport generates billions of dollars after which the owners kindly (?) spend hundreds of millions on players. So this isn't really about you and me and the real world, this is about a system WE set up to entertain us. It's funny, but in today's dollars, Frank Sinatra made billions from movies, records, concerts and TV. NO ONE ever begrudged him that. The Kardashians make hundreds of millions for being talentless. No one seems to challenge that, ever. So why can't athletes get a few crumbs from the owner's plates, relatively speaking, even tho that is insane money to us working stiffs??? They generate it all, no one ever paid to see an owner own. Pls let 'em have some of it.

  2. Jim says:

    I agree with David, completely.

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