Curtis Granderson: I’m open to play anywhere

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Curtis Granderson was on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM this morning, and he spoke about the Yankees qualifying offer. He also vaguely said that he’s open to play anywhere, but wouldn’t exactly give specifics. Here’s what he said:

Well, it’s definitely something you’ve got to think about and I appreciate the Yankees extending that offer to me,” Granderson said. “You definitely got to continue to weigh all your options to see what’s the best fit for you. Is it doing something like you said, the qualifying offer and going back out there again, or seeing what else is out there? You know, there are 29 other ballclubs out there and we’re now at a point where every team has the chance to be a contender here in the near future. The days of ‘I don’t want to play for those teams’ are kind of over with now, which is a great thing for baseball and fans in general. Because everybody’s got an opportunity to step up, surprise you, get things going, their minor league systems are great, and have a chance to win.” 

If we’re decoding this right, he’ll think about the offer but he’ll decline it in the end, then will go to the team that gives him the best chance to win. Along with the questions about the qualifying offer, Curtis was asked if he’d like to play in Chicago (where he is from):

“You know what’s crazy?” Granderson said. “A lot of people have been asking me, ‘Has the media been talking to you a lot about it?’ I go, ‘Being out in the community here in Chicago now, that’s my big question amongst just fans. ‘Hey, are you coming home?’ And then the big question is ‘Which home, Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?’ I’m excited that there is interest and there’s buzz and people are willing and excited to see what I’m going to do. But the process is here, it’s underway, and just excited to see how it is all going to happen. I’ve enjoyed my time with New York and we’ve got to see what’s going to happen there first but I’m open for everything. Let’s just see how it is all going to end up happening and see what happens with the Yankees first.” 

With that being said, would you want Curtis Granderson to play for the Yankees next season or is it just about time to let him go?

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  1. MrVitta says:

    Definetly need Curtis power hitter we saw how much we missed the power last year .don't need to go back to the Dave Collins , Jerry. Mumprey type of teams . We strive on power .

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