Derek Jeter now has a book publishing company

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Derek Jeter has just about anything he could ever want…except for a book publishing company. That’s right, Derek Jeter now has his own book publishing company named Jeter Publishing. Here was the memo from ESPN New York:

Simon & Schuster is proud to announce a multi-faceted, co-publishing partnership with sports icon Derek Jeter. Under the name Jeter Publishing, the program will encompass adult non-fiction titles, children’s picture books, middle grade fiction, and ready-to-read children’s books. Adult titles will be published in conjunction with the Gallery Books imprint and children’s titles will be published in conjunction with the Little Simon, Paula Wiseman Books, and Simon Spotlight imprints. Louise Burke, President of Gallery Books and Jon Anderson, President of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing announced the co-publishing partnership.

With Jeter Publishing, Derek Jeter will identify and help create sports-related non-fiction and fiction that appeals to audiences ranging from children who look up to him as a role-model to sports-savvy adults who have been witness to his remarkable career. Jeter Publishing will also publish books featuring interesting personalities and themes in sports, pop-culture, and other arts.

Jeter is a true legend in professional sports. While helping the New York Yankees win five World Series Championships and achieving a myriad of milestones and accomplishments, Jeter has met some of the world’s most interesting and diverse people, while establishing a brand synonymous with trust and credibility. The combination of his access and insights as well as the trust factor will enable Jeter Publishing to uncover and create truly original content.

“This publishing partnership with Simon & Schuster is an exciting way for me to discover and develop new books, sharing insights of my own, or from people I believe have interesting stories, philosophies or practices to share,” said Jeter.

“Derek Jeter brings his talent, strong work ethic and charm to anything he attaches his name to,” said Louise Burke. “Jeter Publishing will allow this elite athlete to share his passions with readers of all ages and interests.”

“Derek is a stellar role model for kids, and his many stories of the game will inspire young readers,” said Jon Anderson. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring books that embody his unparalleled standard of hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork to an emerging audience. It is an honor to work with him.”

I’m actually looking forward to this. I’m an avid collector of books so I will definitely be one of the first to buy a book from Jeter’s new publishing company.

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  1. I am a book writer and already I've done some books. Especially, I am writing from my heart for the child. But, problem is publishing company and some time it gives me lots of pain. I hope Derek Jeter book publishing company gives me a change to work with him comfortably.

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