Feinsand: Tanaka will post this winter

Masahiro Tanaka 2

Earlier this morning the Associated Press came out with an article stating that it would have been almost impossible for Masahiro Tanaka to post this winter. However, New York Daily News writer Mark Feinsand sent out a flurry of tweets earlier this evening, hearing from sources that Tanaka will post this winter. Here was Feinsand’s statement via Twitter:

“The MLB/Japan posting process is not in danger of falling apart, per a source. Masahiro Tanaka will be posted this winter. Despite the hiccup at the owners meetings, a source said the owners were informed that the MLBPA will not reopen the CBA to change rules. The issue was small-market teams wanting to post fees to count vs luxury tax. Without a change to the CBA, that cannot happen. Moot point.”

If the rule change had occurred, that would have meant the Yankees would not have been able to post a hefty sum for Tanaka since it would have counted towards the luxury tax. The Yankees are attempting to stay below $189 Million to avoid paying a luxury tax next season.

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3 Responses to Feinsand: Tanaka will post this winter

  1. budseligblows says:

    Where has it ever been mentioned that proposing the posting fee was to be counted towards the luxury tax?

  2. mlb hats says:

    Yankees have plenty of money to spend, smart budget move on their part though.

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