Granderson likely to leave Yankees

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Curtis Granderson isn’t the biggest name on the free agent market, but he is generating enough buzz to possibly choose another team over the Yankees. According to the NY Daily News, Granderson will most likely decline the qualifying offer and will test the free agent market. On top of that, Granderson has gained the interest of the New York Mets.

Two people familiar with the New York Mets said that they have “preliminary interest” in Granderson but their seriousness of Granderson could increase as the Mets watch how the market could develop.

The Mets have competition for Granderson; teams such as the White Sox and the Cubs have also expressed some interest and Granderson has ties to Chicago.

Thee have been complaints about his batting average, his defense and his strikeouts but if there is one thing that has other teams interested, it’s Granderson’s home run power, one a team could desperately need.

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11 Responses to Granderson likely to leave Yankees

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    This is good for the Yanks. Him leaving gets them a draft choice which will offset the one they lose to sign McCann and Beltran.

  2. Bernard Kane says:

    Yeah, let Curtis go. I know he is there for power, but it is unreliable at best. 195 strikeouts is nearly one in three plate appearances. He doesn't walk enough, so he is all or nothing. Reminds me of Dave Kingman. If the Mets want to do that again, I say let 'em.

  3. hotdog says:

    i think a lot depends on where people see the Yankees in 2014…my sense is that the focus should be on rebuilding and spending money that can't help in the future is wasteful BUT the $14.1 mil is not an unreasonable amount…maybe some people are thinking that Granderson has a comeback year and hits free agency for the 2015 season for a bigger payday but that seems to be dicey at best…i'm thinking someone signs him somewhere around 4 years/$70mil which is not chump change…

  4. Yankeetom says:

    He's a one dimensional player. Always swinging for the fences. We need someone that punch one over the third basemen's head with a guy on second base. That is something grandly failed to do many many times during his time as a Yankee. I say let him go and bring in some youth.

  5. Andrew says:

    They need to let him go. He strikes our way too much, I'll trade 35 homeruns for someone with a .285 average instead. Hope he leaves.

  6. Steffi says:

    It would be a pitty if he leaves, but I'm sure the Yankees will also do good without him.

  7. olie says:

    It seems that most yankee fans are happy to let Granderson go but just remember that to let him go he has to be replaced. It reminds me of Russell Martin last year and we know how that worked out for the Yankees!

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      letting Russell Martin go made NO sense. HIs batting average stunk, but that's not primarily where his value to the team came from. Much of CC's and Hiroki's decline in the second half of the season can be attributed to inexperience at catcher. Granderson had a -18.2 UZR in 2012. He was an awful centerfielder. I'm ok with a power hitter striking out a lot, but 30% of the time. The Yankees don't need him like they neeced Russell Martin.

      • olie says:

        Mark,my point is that u do need him unless you can replace him with someone better. I feel the same way about Joba. It is easy to say let go but who do u replace him with? Also I agree with u about CC and Kuroda's second half decline and I bet Girardi does to!

        • hotdog says:

          The difference is that there are fewer catchers out there…we can't replace Granderson's productivity and to go after a guy like Shin Soo Choo a questionable upgrade imo…his agent Scott Borass is looking for a contract that exceeds the one given to Jayson Werth…Soo had a great obp and stole something like 20 bases but do the Yankees want to be stuck paying him close to $20mil a year for 7 years…if money wasn't a concern, why not but they have greater needs…unfortunately, there isn't much available in starting pitchers and the only decent catcher out there is McCann whose agent also wants the moon…i'm not crazy about Saltalamachia if the Yankees go after him…i'd prefer the money to go to Tanaka and maybe take a chance with some younger high risk, high reward players if any are available…with that said, I would like Choo but his asking price appears too high…maybe Granderson for a 3-4 years at $15 mil/year is doable…maybe an interesting trade if Cashman can pull that off…we need a third baseman, a good utility infielder, a reliever or two, an upgrade to Chris Stewart and 2 starters…maybe we can sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge…

  8. Michael R says:

    I like Granderson because he's a class act, a team guy. The problem is strikeouts, way too many of them. An average fielder with an average (?) arm, he has good speed. If he can stay healthy and IF he would work on making contact instead of swinging for the fences all the time, then I would like to see him stay. But let's face facts, those are huge IFS and not likely to happen.

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