Is it time for the Yankees to move on from Robinson Cano?

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The Yankees reportedly met with Robinson Cano‘s agents yesterday afternoon, but according to ESPN New York there was still a “significant gap” between the two parties. With Cano obviously not changing his contract demands, could it possibly be time for the Yankees to move on from Robinson Cano and go elsewhere?

The Yankees have to realize that Robinson Cano isn’t the only free agent out there and the free agent market isn’t going to halt just because the Yankees are negotiating with their second basemen.

It’s also a case in which Cano and his agents are playing “hardball” with the Yankees, refusing to lower their price to the Yankees expectations. The notion that Cano is expecting more than what the Yankees were offering possibly makes it seem that Cano is only in it for the money, instead of wanting to wear the historical pinstripes.

The Yankees are supposed to spend the offseason filling all of the holes on the team (they succeed at the catching position, signing Brian McCann). Instead they are fixated on trying to fill second base, bringing the Robinson Cano contract saga into the public eye.

I’m not entirely sure what Jay-Z’s plan is for the offseason but if his plan was to make Robinson Cano look greedy and for Yankees fans to show Cano the door due to his ludicrous demands then congratulations, he’s succeeded.

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11 Responses to Is it time for the Yankees to move on from Robinson Cano?

  1. Clay says:

    Yes, please prepare to move on and quickly. Set a deadline with Cano. Start serious negotiations with Infante. If another team picks up Infante, Cano's leverage increases exponentially. The money saved by signing Infante can be applied to other needs such as 2 pitchers and a good outfielder.

    • Charlie Brigante says:

      Couldn't agree more, Clay. Lotta holes to fill. Take a page outta the Cards play book. They let Pujols walk. They used a compensatory draft pick on Michael Wacha and won a pennant.

  2. Michael R says:

    Cano is a great player but too many years and too much money will contribute to the Yankee demise. One player will not win a championship. Better to distribute the money for reliable players who are winners.

  3. phil pantuso says:

    I have to go along with the same thought. The YANKEES learned there lesson when a-rod got the monster contract. I hate to see the YANKEES lose Cano, but that kind of $$$$$ that he is asking for is ludicrous. I more so blame the agents, but the player is just as greedy. Enough is enough!!!!!!

    Dago Red

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      it's gonna be $200M and a little change with an AAV slightly above Teixiera's and less than the one ARod received.

  4. Andrew says:

    Use the 25 million a year for beltrand third year and then sign tanaka and dont wast time on cano if he wont go lowers then 200 mill

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    I think the players should get as much as they can, the game is wildly profitable and they deserve it. But 8 or 10 years for a 31 year old athlete is foolish. I'd really like to see them re-sign him, maybe for 5 years at $25 mil per, with an option for a 6 year.
    As for moving on, no way. The club has structured all their off season towards restricting Cano's market and increasing their leverage. So use that leverage to get him to sign a shorter deal. Remember, there is a huge difference between Cano and every other FA. The result we want is not Omar Infante at 2B, it's Cano at 2B, on a livable contract.

  6. Michael R says:

    Oh come on, "they deserve it", while others in a myriad of occupations toil to make ends meet. No one "deserves" that kind of money for playing a game.

  7. @Jim_Catfish says:

    I was the first one to say ''let him go, he aint worth it, he forgets how to play baseball in september/october'' etc etc etc. I will continue to repeat it over and over until he's gone.

  8. mikefoxtrot says:

    the Yankees are NOT going to move on without Cano.

    they will continue to have strong interest in signing Tanaka…..but as for any other high-priced free agent signing……. the wisdom of them changes greatly depending upon whether Cano is going to be on the team next season.

    without Cano, there's little point in signing Betran and Kuroda rather than developing prospects and playing for 2015.

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