Joe Girardi: A-Rod’s hearing “complicates plans”

Joe Girardi 5

Alex Rodriguez‘s hearing to have his 211-game suspension overturned is complicating the New York Yankees offseason plans, at least those were the words of Yankees manager Joe Girardi. Some media members spoke to Joe Girardi about the Alex Rodriguez saga at Yankee Stadium today, where Girardi was assembling care packages for active servicemen and servicewomen.

“I think it complicates,” Girardi said at the stadium today.

Rodriguez’s hearing isn’t scheduled to continue until November 18, and the hearing could take as long as five days. A decision in the case could be announced in December, which could hinder the Yankees offseason plans if many of the big free agents are signed by different ball-clubs.

“It’s important that we know,” Girardi said “Because if we’re not going to have him, we need to fill that void. It does cause us to think a lot about, ‘Do we need a third baseman or do we not need a third baseman?’

“Hopefully we’ll know sooner rather than later.”

  • Girardi also spoke about the 2013 season, including where the team could improve going into the 2014 campaign. I think we need to get a little healthier,” Girardi said. “Tex (Mark Teixeira) was a big loss. Derek (Derek Jeter) was a big loss.”
  • He also discussed the closing situation and of course, David Robertson‘s name popped up. Like Cashman, Girardi didn’t give a definitive answer about the situation. “I know we haven’t anointed anyone as a closer and we’ve got to see what happens,” Girardi said. “David Robertson has had a number of very good years here but we’ve got to see what we can put together as a team as a whole before we do anything.”


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