Joe Girardi: App designer?

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Let’s start it off this way: Joe Girardi is pretty old school (and there’s nothing wrong with that). Sure, he doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter or social media, he hardly ever curses when he’s managing the Yankees (except when something fires him up) and he’s very serious about family values. But the next bit of news personally came as a shocker:

Joe Girardi is designing his own mobile app.

Girardi is the idea man behind a new app that is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2014, a game that was designed and developed alongside app developer Appetizer Mobile.

“It’s a different side of me, because I think people are always used to seeing me at the ballpark, and not having this type of creativity,” Girardi said to the Wall Street Journal. “It’s not something that I do a lot of, but when I do put my heart and soul into something, it’s important to me.”

This wasn’t just something that happened on a whim, or something for Girardi to have bragging rights among the other managers in baseball. This app took a year in the making and Girardi told WSJ that he wanted to make a game that children and adults could play together.

“I see my children on apps, and ordering apps, on many occasions,” Girardi said. “And I just thought it would be kind of fun to create an app that I felt was appropriate for them. I think that’s what you worry about all the time, for me, as a parent with kids.”

Girardi may not be social-media savvy but an industrial engineering degree from Northwestern University may have taught Girardi a few things about designing apps. He admitted he wasn’t quite sure how to go on and make a phone app, so he asked his agent Steve Mandell to search for a company that specializes in developing multiplayer mobile apps. Thus, that’s how the partnership between Girardi and Appetizer Mobile was born.

Girardi wouldn’t go into detail about the gameplay itself, but the app will be kid-friendly and will entice baseball fans and adults as well. The game will be free to download but like many other apps on the App Store, it will have in-app purchases. The money from the in-app purchases will go to Girardi’s charity Catch 25.

As interesting and amazing as this sounds, I have to admit I’m still a little shocked about it. Just when you think you know what kind of person Joe Girardi is–BAM! He makes a mobile app. Well, you know how the saying goes, “It never hurts to try new things.”

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  1. Michael R says:

    Considering Joe's fondness for the binder this really comes as no surprise to me. I've always thought he is a bit too cerebral(over thinking) when managing, and doesn't rely enough on his instincts, which seemed to benefit him well as a player. Interesting side of him though.

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