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MLB Trade Rumors recently released an article of their Top 50 free agents, an article I found fascinating. They took it a step further, predicting where the 50 free agents will sign. Here were their picks for which players would sign with the Yankees. (The numbers are based on where they ranked in the Top 50 Free Agents article).

1. Robinson CanoYou’d have to think Robinson Cano is the Yankees top priority going into the offseason. He could also join the $200 Million+ contract club which has the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols.

6. Ervin SantanaErvin Santana had a 3.24 ERA in 211 innings with the Kansas City Royals and is named one of the top pitching free agents currently on the market. I must warn you though, Santana does give up home-runs, which is why I don’t particularly agree with MLB Trade Rumors on this one. Yankee Stadium isn’t a pitchers ballpark, just ask Phil Hughes.

8. Hiroki KurodaYes, Hiroki Kuroda is going to be 39 but he’s a groundball pitcher and has great command. He’s also proven to be an ace for the Yankees, particularly in 2013 when CC Sabathia had one of the worst years in his career. Kuroda did falter in the end, but a 3.31 ERA with 421 innings pitched within the last two years at Yankee Stadium is very tempting.

12. Carlos BeltranIt’s been no secret that for the last ten years, Carlos Beltran wanted to be a Yankee. Well, it could happen this offseason. He can still hit about 25 HR’s and he won’t land a long term deal since he’ll be 37 in April. It’s also worth noting that at this point an American League team w would be helpful since he’s aging.

25. Grant BalfourThe Yankees need a closer. Grant Balfour needs a job. It’s as simple as that. It also doesn’t hurt that Balfour is only 36, which is 3 years younger than Joe Nathan (who is #19 on the Free Agent list).

33. A.J Pierzynski: It was rumored that the Yankees had an interest in A.J Pierzynski last offseason, until the Yankees did absolutely nothing and let Pierzynsi go to the Texas Rangers. He’ll be 37 in December but he’s durable, makes contact and still has some power in his bat.

28 thoughts on “MLB Trade Rumors predicts which free agents will sign with the Yankees

  • Clyde

    Hopefully they get Ellsbury from Boston and shop Gardner around for A good bullpen arm..

    Maybe get Tanaka and go after Brian McCann too.

  • hotdog

    How does it work. If you make a qualifying offer for the $14.1 mil and the players signs elsewhere, you get a supplemental 1st round pick…does the team signing the free agent lose a 1st round pick…anyone know how that works? what does the signing team give up?

  • Rob Abruzzese

    Ellsbury is better than Gardner, but not by a lot. Ellsbury hit 32 homers once and has never hit 10 in any of his other 6 years in the majors. His career line: .297/.350/.439. Gardner's line: .268/.352/.381. Similar, especially when you consider that Gardner hit for a little more power in 2013, he had a .416 slugging percentage. If he can keep that up then Ellsbury might still be slightly better, but only slightly.

    Then you start to compare how much the 2014 Ellsbury will cost (probably about $15-17 million a year) to how much Gardner will cost (around $5 million) and there really is no question, in my mind, which player I'd rather have.

  • Clyde

    Brett Gardner is an average player at best. He will never be a Top 10 CF. He can't steal bases and is streaky. He has good weeks then slumps. He's a 270 hitter at best and he can be dealt to a team that wants more speed and have a spacial OF. For you people that think Gardners a great player get your heads examined. If a good deal comes along and they want Gardner then I say take it.

    And for you people that think Ellsbury is going to get 15-17 million a year, What are you smoking? Are you guys stupid? He's probably going to get a Micheal Bourne like deal at 4-5 48-62 million dollars. Stop reading this girls articles. She's clueless.

  • olie

    I think this is a interesting debate but I really don't believe the Red Sox would allow him to go to the Yanks. I know they let Damon sign with the yanks but they had Ellsbury in the wings! Also I think Delia is doing a good job!

  • hotdog

    I believe Ellsbury wants to stay a Red Sox and I would not be surprised if he gives the team a slight hometown discount…Gardner is an important guy in the lineup but unfortunately he doesn't have the entourage that would make him more valuable…i remember Willie Randolph…a .270 hitter with less power than Gardner but batting 2nd, he was a key guy in that lineup…lucky for the Yankees, when Randolph went down in 1978, Brian Doyle stepped up…Gardner is also an under-rated defender…

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