Report: MLB execs not willing to give Cano huge contract

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Robinson Cano may be the biggest name on the market, but he might not be worthy of the biggest offseason contract. According to The Daily News, an informal survey was conducted among the executives, and the results were no owner would pay Robinson Cano at the price he’s asking for. It could end up that the Yankees only competitor for Cano…is the Yankees.

Sure, Cano is arguably the best second basemen in the game but Cano’s bat and glove just isn’t worth $300 Million. One official source actually explained why other teams wouldn’t be interested in a long term deal: “Arte Moreno is Exhibit A for why clubs have become loathe to commit big money for seven or more years to players over 30. The back years are killers and clubs are finally coming around to realize that.” Of course, they were referencing the owner of the Los Angeles Angels, who is still suffering through the contracts of Albert Pujols (10 years, $254 Million) and Josh Hamilton (5 years, $123 Million).

There were rumblings earlier this summer that the Yankees offered Cano a 6 year, $144 Million contract, a contract Cano rejected. We also remember the rumor that the Yankees offered Cano a “David Wright” type contract, one for 8 years, $138 Million; a contract Cano also rejected. If the rumors were true, the Yankees are essentially just trying to outbid themselves, with no other teams in the mix.

So where did Cano possibly go wrong where teams wouldn’t want to offer him a gigantic contract? Was it the fact he switched agents from Scott Boras to Jay-Z? Could it be the fact he wants $300 Million? Maybe he’s trying to reach territory that teams don’t want to go near again: offering gigantic contracts to players, only for the players to not produce as in their prime (ex. Pujols, Hamilton, Alex Rodriguez).  Or maybe it’s a combination of all three which might have Cano with only one possible suitor. The way I see this playing out is the Yankees being the initial bidder on Cano, and then a mystery team being senseless enough to hand Cano $300 Million to bring star quality and money into their ballpark.

Sure, the Yankees need Cano and Cano needs a job but maybe Cano might want to lower the asking price just a little bit if he wants more results.

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  1. Clay says:

    Pedroia signed a 7 year deal for $100M ($14.3M a year) and he is 1 year younger than Cano. How about 6 years at $120M ($20M a year) for Cano?

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      If it was any other player, I'm sure they'd take that contract but Cano seems to think he's worth more than $120 Million, hence why he rejected the $136 and $144 Million deals. Cano and Pedroia are almost the same type of player. if Pedroia can have the common sense to take $100 Million, then why can't Cano is my main question.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        In no sense are Cano and Pedroia the same type of player. Cano is 4 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier, hits for way more power and plays at a completely different rhythm.

  2. Joe says:

    I'd take Pedroia. He runs everything out.

  3. hotdog says:

    well, the Yankees aren't exactly outbidding themselves…they are trying to acquire Cano before anyone else does…now, maybe no one is willing to pay Cano $25 mil/year or more but the Yankees don't know that…maybe the Yankees just have to throw out their top dollar with a small amount to maneuver if needed and see what happens…not an open ended offer but something that speaks to the possibility that the Yankees are not going over $200 mil and that Cano can take the money or go elsewhere…who here wouldn't love to get their hands on $100 million dollars…free market I know but it's crazy to think someone can turn down $144 million…

  4. The way I've always felt about this is that no other teams are coming forward with offers for Cano because it's too early, they think he's going back to the Yankees, and, most importantly, he's asking for $300 million. Once his real market finally begins to take shape, we'll start seeing other teams get interested. It's not like the Yankees are going to be the only team that wants him.

    Remember, baseball as a whole is in much better shape financially then it was even 5 or 10 years ago. Teams have money to spend. Cano will be paid. I'm not sure if it will be $180 million or what it will be, but eventually other teams will get into the mix.

    All of that said, I still expect the Yankees to bid against themselves quite a bit because that's what they do.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      It's important to remember what $225 mil will buy. It buys 8 years of Cano and scrubs in RF, C and SP.
      Or it can buy 5 years of McCann, 5 years of Garza, 3 years of Infante, and 2 years of Beltran. I'm not saying the Yanks ought to go after all these guys, but which would make the better team? For they kind of money Cano wants I think a player ought to bring more than just on the field ability. He ought to be a team leader (Cano is not), he ought to put fans in the seats (I don't think he does) and he ought to be a clutch performer (on the NYY this means playoffs, where Cano has been just okay). He wants to be paid like a Derek Jeter or a current day Reggie Jackson, but he just isn't.
      I'm fine with him leaving if that money buys an upgrade at 3 other positions.

      • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

        You're right Tom. Cano wants to be payed big bucks but the problem is, I don't think he has earned it all around. Like you said, the Yankees needed a team leader last season when Jeter was down for the count. That wasn't Robinson Cano, that was Brett Gardner. Cano alone doesn't put fans in seats. Mariano Rivera was able to fill out an entire stadium . And in the postseason, you're right. You need a person that's clutch; that's Derek Jeter. There's more to just hitting and fielding in order to deserve money. You have to be a staple in the clubhouse and you have to lead a team when the Captain isn't there to lead them. That's what kind of makes me iffy about Cano. He wants so much but what else does he offer other than a bat and a glove? Where's the heart? Where's the love for the game? Where's the passion? You don't see it on Cano's face.

        • hotdog says:

          Cano's just not that type of player…he seems more like a kid out there who has amazing skills…i can't fault Cano for not being a leader of men but I don't like how he sometimes loafs down the 1st base line…if a team is paying you millions of dollars to play the game, show some hustle…that's one way of showing leadership…

          • olie says:

            I agree with you he is just a big kid and not everyone is a leader .It kind of reminds me of the "Greatest Yankee of them all" Mickey Mantle.

  5. Guest says:

    Here is a legit offer.. 9 years @ 200M.. frontload the contract while is is "worth" the big bucks and end the contract with a more realistic salary for an older player.
    2014 – $30M
    2015 – $30M
    2016 – $25M
    2017 – $25M (can obt out)
    2018 – $25M
    2019 – $20M
    2020 – $20M
    2021 – $15M
    2022 – $10M

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      I reallllllllly doubt that the Yankees are looking to pay Cano $30M for the upcoming season…. aside from that that, it's not bad

  6. mikefoxtrot says:

    Delia, I wouldn't put to much stock in the stuff written by Bill Madden.

  7. mikefoxtrot says:

    Delia, I wouldn't put too much stock in the stuff written by Bill Madden.

  8. Balt Yank says:

    I would offer 125 for five years, maybe, or 115/five years. I would not touch 200 mil at 9 years. It is not a huge loss if Cano walks because he, as others have said, is a good player but not an infectious player.

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