Report: Rodriguez failed drug test in 2006

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It wouldn’t hurt to start our day off with some Alex Rodriguez news, now would it? According to the New York Times Rodriguez, who is currently appealing a 211-game suspension, failed a drug test for stimulants in 2006.

The report claimed that the findings of the drug test were by two people involved with the league’s collective bargained drug-testing program. The Yankees 3B was not publicly identified for the positive test because players only face suspensions for banned stimulants if they test positive more than once. A representative from Rodriguez’s legal team, Lanny J. Davis denied to the New York Times that Rodriguez tested positive for a banned stimulant seven years ago.

It’s unclear whether the failed test is apart of Rodriguez’s appeal hearing for his connection in the Biogenesis scandal, which isn’t to resume until November 18. Major League Baseball wrapped up their side of the proceedings on October 18.

Rodriguez’s legal team is also suing MLB and commissioner Bud Selig, alleging misconduct as the league attempted to suspend Rodriguez for violating the joint drug agreement and collective bargaining agreement.

The first hearing of the lawsuit will be on November 7, however MLB is attempting to have the suit thrown out. If the case goes to trial, the trial might not begin until as early as next year.

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  1. Bernard Kane says:

    And elsewhere on the rumor mill…
    I trust the NY Times, but it sure as hell would have more validity if the "two people" could be identified or corroborated in some way. Otherwise it's really just crap.

  2. Alex Rodriguez news never gets old… always something new out there. Drug tests always get the best of us but there are ways around it.

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