Report: Yankees sign Brian McCann pending physical 11

Brian McCann

It took until just before Thanksgiving, but the Yankees have finally gotten into the Hot Stove mix, signing the top free agent catcher in the market.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, The Yankees and Brian McCann have agreed to a five-year, $85 Million contract with a 6th year vesting option that would make the contract 6-years, $100 Million pending a physical. The catching position has been the weak point for the Yankees, posting a .213/.289/.298 batting line after letting Russell Martin walk following the 2012 season. The Yankees had the 5th worst OPS (.587) at the catching position in the majors last year.

McCann returned from shoulder surgery and hit .256/.336/.461 with 20 home runs and 57 RBI over 102 games. The Atlanta Braves gave McCann a qualifying offer, which McCann turned down to hit the free agent market. The Yankees will now have to surrender their first round draft pick (No. 18) after signing McCann.

11 thoughts on “Report: Yankees sign Brian McCann pending physical

  • Tanned Tom

    I'm just a bit surprised, he had such a bad second half last year. They kept it to the right length. If nothing else this should mean the end to Stewart and Cervelli. Enables them to trade a young catcher or two as well.

    • tom

      Yankees want Cervelli back., Now, Yankees can trade Sanchez for a legit SP. I hope Murphy will be tried at 3B before he is traded for whoever because I kinda like him.

      Love the signing.

      • Tanned Tom

        I thought Sanchez was the best prospect, wouldn't want to trade him. Don't know enough about Murphy, but I totally hate Cervelli. Injury-prone, PED-user, no power, bad defense. Don't understand why the team has kept him.

        • tom

          Cervelli is not that expensive. Girardi's favorite, obviously. Romine could beat him due to better offense.

          One thing that bugs me is Yankees lose the chance of drafting top prospect. 18th overall selection is nice. Oh well!

          If MLB teams agree that Gary Sanchez is one of top prospects then Yankees should have no problem with trading him for SP or a legit SS. Maybe Yankees will keep Sanchez for one year at AAA just in case if McCann can't play behind the dish.

          • hotdog

            i think it was a stupid deal…McCann can hit 20 home runs but he's not a gap hitter and you won't see him easily hit 20 doubles…he's an ok catcher…you're paying a guy $85 mil plus a no trade clause plus a 6th years bringing his contract to $100 mil…and you're sealing the fate of Gary Sanchez…and of course, we lose the draft pick…give me an open checkbook and I can overspend too…maybe if he was a better catcher but the Yankees have made a mistake imo…better than Cervelli or Stewart but they now have that much ($$$) to work with…sorry, i'm disappointed with this move…they should have let the Red Sox choke on this guy…now they can trade our #1 prospect for a mediocre pitcher…i'm usually not this down but i was hoping they would stay away from McCann getting offense some other way…

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