Rodriguez hearing resumes today

Alex Rodriguez 4

After postponing his hearing on Friday, Alex Rodriguez was back at MLB headquarters this morning in Manhattan. There were no Alex Rodriguez supporters in front of Park Avenue, in case you were wondering. However, what we really should wonder is:

When will the hearing end?

There’s no clear end as to when the hearing will conclude but (if needed), Rodriguez will meet with MLB throughout the next ten days. There’s also the question as to what will be the ruling. Will Alex Rodriguez face a 211-game suspension, will it be reduced or will he serve time at all? Rodriguez’s hearing complicates the New York Yankees plans this offseason since they are uncertain about whether or not they will have Rodriguez in 2014. It also leaves the Yankees on a standstill since they’re uncertain if they’re going to have the extra $30 Million (that would have been A-Rod’s 2014 salary) to spend.

Yes, the Rodriguez hearing complicates things for everyone, but if Rodriguez loses his appeal, then things¬†will¬†turn ugly. May I remind you about the lawsuit Rodriguez has vs. Major League Baseball and how that hasn’t been resolved as of yet? This could turn into one gigantic war zone–and it would be tough to tell who would actually win.

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