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The last time we checked in on the “Robinson Cano contract saga”, Cano wanted $305 Million. Today we check in on the “Robinson Cano contract saga” and Cano wants…$310 Million.

Yep, not much of a change from last month.

According to John Harper of the New York Daily News, a person close to Cano says that Cano will be willing for the contract negotiations to go past Christmas, maybe even past January in order to get the mega-deal he wants.

“He wants his money, that’s the bottom line,” the source said. “He wants to be a Yankee, but only if he gets the money he wants.”

Cano also would like a deal of at least seven years, which would end right before his 38th birthday. Teams (including the Yankees) will be wary about signing a player until almost the age of 40 but what might entice teams to Cano is his WAR. Cano is defensively the best second basemen in baseball, just ahead Ben Zobrist and Dustin Pedroia. With being the best second basemen in baseball, Cano would get big money–just not the $300-310 Million he’s searching for.

If the Yankees can’t come to an agreement with Cano, or at least knock $100-$150 Million off Cano’s asking price, then it might be time for the Yankees to say (cue Michael Kay’s voice) “See ya!”


15 thoughts on “Show Cano the money! He still wants $300 Million!

  • Jack

    Thinking they should let Cano go bye bye and use the monies to fill other needs as Tom stated. One other thought perhaps Hal wants to resign Cano so he can sell the team with Cano as their face of the team

  • walter

    Cano has allied himself with a foolish crowd. And so naturally he's making a fool of himself. Yanks need to move on, as others say. No point in playing Jay Z's' macho thug game. Yanks need to move quickly on at least one top free agent. Then they can sit back and pick spots a bit. I'd lock up either McCann, Beltran or Choo. Must add some offense. And without Cano will have to add two bats plus Infante/Kelly Johnson
    Hal needs to show he has some cojones here. Screw Cano. Reel in other free agents and most important screw the 189. Gamble that A-Rod suspension is upheld. Even if it's not, Yanks better off competing, drawing big crowds and attracting TV ads then tightening belts to save a few million. This is big business, Hal. Other teams have more cash than ever. You snooze. You lose.

  • gcorcoran

    It's all posturing. I'm not upset with Cano for getting the most money he can get. Hal and company are doing the same thing in their own interest.

  • tom

    Nice to know you and thank you for your contribution, Mr. Cano.

    David Adams or Jose Pirela will expect the warm welcome.

  • jfdi

    none of this matters. there's no reason to spend all this money unless you can put together a decent rotation. cc and nova are the only ones locked in and they are not exactly models of consistency. who knows what pineda can give at this point and we are still waiting on a decision from kuroda, and theres no guarantee they get tanaka either. no need to get 5 aces, but they need at least 4 decent pitchers and right now they may have none.

    i understand the impulse to load up at 2b, rf and catcher, but none of it works if you have 2013 CC and 2012 nova.

    and calm down about the 300 million, we all know that cano will get under 200, 210 tops.

  • mikefoxtrot

    I'm in the minority. i think that the Yankees should go all out to sign Cano and show him the love. I would and demonstrate the commitment to keep him by going to $200M and all the way to 12 years

  • hotdog

    I like Cano but i think he's being depicted as a greedy sob…his agent thinks he's worth $300 mil…make the Yankees sweat is just part of the negotiations…i think the Yankees have to wait this one out…Cano and his camp know the Yankees want to sign him but a market may not develop that exceeds the Yankees offer (not sure if this is a fact) during the regular season…i'd rather see the Yankees give him 7 years at a higher yearly rate than go out to 10…and if he walks, he walks…we'll miss his offense but why bid against yourself…

  • David K.

    Has anyone noticed that Cano doesn't turn on the fastball the way he did a couple of years ago? Through most of the season, he didn't even hit a fastball for a home run. Almost all his homers came on off speed pitches. This is worrisome for a 6 or 7 year signing. He probably only has 1 or 2 productive years left.

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