Source: Yankees deal Cano a limited time offer

Robinson Cano 13 The New York Yankees are going to talk to Robinson Cano‘s agents on Monday to inform him that they’re going to keep the offer they proposed to Cano on the table for a limited time, reports ESPN New York.

Although the Yankees would like for Robinson Cano to stay, they already signed catcher Brian McCann to an $85 Million deal and are talking to other free agents that are currently on the market.

A source close to the deal said the Yankees offered no ultimatum, however the Yankees only have so much wiggle room and can’t possibly afford to go higher than a seven-year, $160+ Million deal for Cano if they want to stay under the $189 Million luxury tax.

Cano is represented by CAA’s Brodie Van Wagenen and Roc Nation’s Jay Z.

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7 Responses to Source: Yankees deal Cano a limited time offer

  1. wally says:

    Good move, if true. I personally find the cynical shakedown tactics of Cano and his agents to be quite distasteful. Their demands are unrealistic and greedy even by the standards of ballplayers and their agents. I am impressed that McCann signed quickly and did not try to milk every dollar out of the market. This guy may really want to be a Yankee. We can use more of those. Let Cano chase the highest dollar. If that man cares anything about his legacy or in any way craves fan esteem he should dump Jay Z.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Can't blame a player for wanting to get paid as much as possible, McCann certainly got more than he's worth. And Cano is so clearly the best FA available, heads and shoulders above all the others. That said, 10 years is out of the question, and meeting with the Mets (!) in an effort to stir up a bidding war is just farcical. The 7 year, $24 mil per deal seems about right to me.

  3. gcorcoran says:

    This is actually pretty brilliant by the Yankees. Their leverage is currently at an all time high with Cano. Jay-Z has made some pretty dumb moves that have made him look desperate. With the media all over this Cano may feel like this is his last chance to sign a big deal like this. He might be right too. The Yankees are putting the pressure on Cano at exactly the right time. If he takes it then they look brilliant. If he doesn't take it then the Yankees could still get him on a bargain later on. It all depends on how much teams are willing to give him.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      The front office has totally schooled Jay-Z, first by leaking their outrageous demands, then by leaking their own offers, and last by the self-inflicted silliness of wanting to market Cano as the Michael Jordan of baseball. All that's happened is a market that should have been 4 or 5 teams is still only 1. I still want Cano back, but I'd be a lot happier for 5 years and $25 mil per, than 7 years at $24 mil per.

  4. Jack says:

    I agree with Joe. Yanks become competitive again

  5. Jack says:

    Yanks should give Cano their offer and tell him that's it. If he doesn't agree tell him they are going in another direction. I hope they sign Choo or Ellsbury ,bring back Granderson. Also put a package of Gardner, Nunez and others for Headley. Get Tanaka

  6. hotdog says:

    I'd like them to sign Granderson…he's a good fit for Yankee Stadium even though his average has dropped…we could use his bat…but young pitching would be great…Tanaka is in his mid-twenties and if Pineda shows his potential alongside Nova, we've got something special that can reach into the future…i'm still hopeful on Banuelos and as I've said before, i believe Betances could be a very effective reliever and if his control continues to improve, he could someday be our closer…this should also be an interesting year for David Phelps…inconsistent pitcher that shows occasional signs of brilliance…if he doesn't have that late break to his pitches, he can get pounded though…

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