Source: Yankees interested in Jhonny Peralta

Jhonny Peralta

The Yankees have two shortstops for the 2014 season (Derek Jeter & Brendan Ryan). Could they possibly sign a third? According to FOX Sports, the Yankees have a legitimate interest in free agent Jhonny Peralta. Peralta also plays third base (which could come in handy if Alex Rodriguez is suspended) and left field.

Peralta is coming off a season that was interrupted due to a 50-game suspension with his  involvement in the Biogensis scandal. He finished with an OPS of .815 in 107 games in 2013 for the Detroit Tigers.

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3 Responses to Source: Yankees interested in Jhonny Peralta

  1. hotdog says:

    I would think a lot of teams would want him as you don't give up an early draft pick…don't know much about him other than his stats but he could add some needed offense…

  2. tom says:

    I find it hard to believe that Tigers did not offer a qualifying offer to Peralta. He is only 31 years old. Scoop him up, Yankees. He could serve as 3B, SS, 2B, LF, RF and DH for Yanks.

    Cashman has been gambling on OF and RP for instant helps via Draft V so I won't be surprised Cashman would do it for left side help. December is coming so who is best eligibility?

  3. mikefoxtrot says:

    the Yankees will have Ryan as the defensive SS and Peralta and Jeter to both split time between 3B, SS and DH.

    Tulowitzki would be ideal, but they can make do with Peralta.

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