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Rafael Depaula31. Rafael DePaula: “RDP” RHP, 6-foot-3, 212-pounds, 21 – Looking forward to seeing what this guy can do now that he finally has a full season under his belt. He tired towards the end of the year last year but that was most likely because he had never come close to throwing that amount of innings. He still has phenomenal stuff but his control faultered towards the end of the year. Look for him to have a much better season in 2014 and to carry his success much deeper into the year.

2.  Jose Ramirez: ”J-Ram”: RHP,  6-foot-1, 185-pounds, 23 – Health is clearly the most important thing for him. That, and showing some consistency with the slider. If he can do those two things he will be an effective major league starter. He really does have front end stuff so he will be a fun guy to watch. He will get a shot at the rotation eventually and he may come out of nowhere to surprise a lot of people with his talent. The slider is key to his success though.

3.  Jose Campos: “J-Cam”: RHP, 6-foot-4, 195-pounds, 20 – Gil Patterson states that his innings will still be limited next year. The main thing that could limit his innings is his health though. He should be primed to throw about 137.0 innings next year if all goes well. That’s basically a full season. His arm seems to be back to full strength since about the second half of the season in 2013. When healthy, he is a top prospect and may end up on some top 100 lists with a healthy, effective season next year.

4. Luis Severino: “Lu-sever” RHP 6-foot-0, 195-pounds, 19 – He finished his first stateside season with a 2.45 ERA in 44.0 innings. He struck out 53 during that time. At just 19 he held his own in Charleston and continued to strike out more than one batter per inning while demonstrating pinpoint control with just 2.0 BB/9. He absolutely has top prospect potential and will likely start next year in Charleston. He has fantastic stuff and will be a forcec to be reckoned with in this farm system going forward.

5.  Manny Banueolos: “ManBan”: LHP, 5-foot-11, 200-pounds, 22 – It seems that Manny has lost his luster to most as a prospect. Not me. I am eagerly anticipating his return to action which will happen next season. Still young for his level, still has ace potential. The guy is a beast when healthy, which will be his main concern going forward. He has great stuff and a great makeup. Control and health will be the major issues going forward.

6. Ian Clarkin: “IC” LHP, 6-foot-2, 206-pounds, 18 years old – He’s a polished young left hander who already sits in the 90′s with his fastball and has some secondary pitches which he of course will need to work on. He disppointed a bit in his limited debut with the GCL, but he’ll have 10 years to erase the memory of his debut, and the sample size means absolutely nothing. Anytime you have a lefty of this caliber in your system it’s a major positive. Now it’s time for their development team to prove they can take raw talent and turn it into an ace.

7. Rookie Davis: RHP, 6-foot-4, 235-pounds, 20 – In 52.0 innings this season, he had 11 earned runs, 13 walks (2.2 BB/9), and 47 K (8.1 K/9). He had a 1.90 ERA. It’s a long road ahead for this kid but he’s only getting better. He truly has front of the rotation potential. Now up to 95 on the velo, and his stuff is legit. The secondary stuff still has some work but has been steadily improving. If he can continue to improve the secondary offerings he will become a guy with front end potential.

8. Nik Turley: “Turley Bird” LHP, 6-foot-6, 230-pounds, 22 –  Finished strong in Double-A and managed to throw a career high 145 innings this year. He has struck out 8.8/9 innings, and got his ERA down to 3.79 by the end of the year. As a 6-foot-6 lefty who sits low 90′s, he’s got a shot to make an impact as a major leaguer. Probably the most major league ready lefty in the system outside of Vidal Nuno, but he also has the size and the stuff to be a third starter.

9. Ty Hensley: RHP, 6-foot-4, 220-pounds, 19 – We were all disappointed to hear about Ty’s season ending surgery, but the good news is that it wasn’t his arm and other pitchers have come back to their baseline after similar surgeries. Hopefully this is the end of his injury bug and he will enjoy a long and healthy career. He apparently lived his whole life with decreased flexibility in that hip, and the surgery will increase that flexibility. It’s possible he could actually be better now than before. I will take a wait and see approach with Ty in the meantime.

10.Daniel Camarena: “DanCam”: LHP, 6-foot-0, 200-pounds, 20 – The Yankees had enough faith in this guy to put in him a full season league at the age of just 20. The reason for that is his polish. He’s a lefty with a low 90’s fastball and extraordinary secondary offerings. His hallmark is superior control. The Yankees are huge fans of this kid and there’s good reason for it. He could be an important piece of the future for this club. If he can go up a few ticks on his velocity like Manny Banuelos did he could be a front end starter, but that’s a big if.

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  • OMGPlease

    Cute little nicknames you came up with…adorable.
    But you forgot Ty Hensley !…based on your pattern, that would be "Ty-Hen", right ?

  • [email protected]

    Nobody mentions last years hottest Spring pitcher Gabe Encinas (before injury). What's up with that?

  • Travis L.

    Greg, what are you thoughts on a few of the "break out" pitchers that pitched well, but aren't really regarded as anything, such as Eric Wooten, Dietrich Enns, Shane Greene, Matt Tracy, Scottie Allen, Caleb Smith, Gio Gallegos and Cesar Vargas? What about the relivers? Mark Montgomery, Tom Kahnle, Dan Burawa, Charley Short, Nick Goody and Taylor Garrison?

  • Jeffrey M

    I follow the Yankees pretty closely, mostly Pinstriped Bible/Alley 2-3 times a day. What would be helpful to me in this article would be a consistent and therefore comparable listing with these summaries of the top 10 with highest level attained in '13, expected level starting '14, and their Major League arrival estimation — or ceiling. ( but being the top 10 prospects across the whole farm system I would hope they all get to at least an eventual "cup of coffee" in MLB).

  • JSkillet

    This is by far the best yankees prospect page I have found..Good job on all the info..would love to hear your opinions on The new guys I.E. O'Neill, Jaigelo, Judge etc. You might have a page that says that already I just havent gotten that far yet = )

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