Torre: Jeter would take part-time role if it helped Yankees

Jeter & Torre

There’s no one out there that knows Derek Jeter better than his old manager Joe Torre, after all Torre did manage Jeter from 1996-2007. So with the uncertainty of Jeter’s future at shortstop for the 2014 season after a season ending ankle injury last year, Torre told reporters that he believed Jeter would take a reduced role if it would help the team.

“That’s just my feeling,” Torre told “He might say something different if you ask him that same question. But that’s just my feeling.”

Another topic that came up was the looming fact that Jeter’s career is heading towards an ending rather than him just starting. Joe Torre knows it and Derek Jeter knows it–but Jeter is continuously focusing on playing in 2014 rather than the fact that he could be near retirement.

“The end is closer than the beginning,” Torre said. “But he never thinks that way.”

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