What the Rangers trade could mean for the ‘Cano Sweepstakes’

Robinson Cano 12

If you haven’t heard about it, last night the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers made the blockbuster trade of the offseason, sending second basemen Ian Kinsler to the Tigers and Prince Fielder to the Rangers. Since it’s two other teams that weren’t the New York Yankees, you’d think what is the point of mentioning it, right? Well, the Yankees are somewhat tied to it because of their biggest free agent: Robinson Cano.

You see, the Texas Rangers don’t have a second basemen that hits for power (sure, they have Jurickson Profar, but he’s only 20 and not much of ¬†a power bat right now), so maybe that’s where Robinson Cano comes in all of this.¬†Robinson Cano is looking for a hefty contract, almost at $300 Million, something the Yankees won’t give him. With the trade of Ian Kinsler, it could be possible the Rangers might get involved in the Robinson Cano sweepstakes. It’s also worth noting that over the summer, the Rangers called the Yankees, discussing interest in Cano. Of course, the Yankees declined the offer to trade Cano.

The Yankees can no longer protect Cano now that he’s a free agent, giving him the freedom to choose his team. If the Rangers were interested in Cano then, then there’s nothing stopping them from being interested in Cano now.

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3 Responses to What the Rangers trade could mean for the ‘Cano Sweepstakes’

  1. hotdog says:

    they could be interested in Cano…it frees up some cash, big cash…speculation has been that it makes an extension more possible for Scherzer whose agent is Borarse…not sure if the Tigers get their extension though with Borarse liking to take players to free agency…coming off a great season and buying at a high point might settles Borarse a little…but the Tigers are a contender, more so than the Yankees…if that is a piece of the puzzle, advantage Detroit…

  2. Steve Rymas says:

    Cano is toast, he fits in over there perfectly…….

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