Yankees make qualifying offers to Cano, Granderson and Kuroda

Here was the official (yet short and sweet) announcement the Yankees made about the qualifying offers:

The Yankees made qualifying offers to the following players today:

2B Robinson Cano
OF Curtis Granderson
RHP Hiroki Kuroda

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7 Responses to Yankees make qualifying offers to Cano, Granderson and Kuroda

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Instead of signing Cano, and assuming A-fraud is suspended, here's my under $189 payroll lineup and staff
    CF Gardner $5 mil
    RF Beltran 15
    1B Teixeira 23
    C McCann 15
    DH Jeter 12
    2B Infante 8.5
    LF Soriano 5
    3B Reynolds 4
    SS Ryan 1
    Starters: Sabathia 23, Garza 15, Kuroda 14.1, Nova 1, Pineda .5
    Reserves: Suzuki 6.5. Wells 2.4, Romine .5, Nunez 3
    Bullpen: Robertson 5, Kelley 3, Logan 3, Phelps .5, Nuno .5, Warren .5, x .5

    Total payroll before $11 mil in pension contributions and insurance $167.625
    Looked at this way it makes a lot more sense to let Cano leave and add these other players.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      If Granderson accepts the QO ($14.1 mil) then you'll need to trade 2 of Soriano, Wells, Suzuki.
      I think he'll reject it which will leave the Yanks with +2 picks (Granderson, Cano) and -1 pick for Beltran (no additional penalty for McCann) for a net gain of one 1st round draft pick. Cheaper, better, younger and gain a pick? Seems like the way to go.

  2. olie says:

    Don't quit your day job!

    • Tanned Tom says:

      What's a job?

      • olie says:

        I just can't imagine a Yankee line-up worth watching without Cano in it. I don't live in area so I don't attend Yankee games but if I lived there I am not sure I would go to watch Infante! Common cense must prevail, Sign Cano!

        • Tanned Tom says:

          For $200 mil you can have Cano for 8 years


          you can have McCann for 5 years, and
          Beltran for 2 years, and
          Infante for 3 years, and
          Garza for 5 years

          which would be the better team next year? or the next 5?

  3. olie says:

    Don't rush me, I'm thinking!

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