Yankees want Beltran but Beltran wants 3-year deal 19

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The New York Yankees are infatuated with the idea of Carlos Beltran patrolling right field in 2014 for their team–but will Beltran’s price be right for the Yankees to make an offer?

According to ESPN New York, a source (who was unable to give his name because he is not authorized to speak publicly) said that the Yankees will be willing to go as high as $14 Million on a deal for Beltran, but they won’t be interested in going three years.

“I think that would probably be a deal-breaker,” said the source. “The guy would be 40 years old (Beltran would turn 39 in April of a third season), and the Yankees have enough 40-year-olds now.”

The Yankees currently have Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Ichiro Suzuki who will finish their contracts in their 40’s. Do the Yankees really need another 40-year old player for their roster? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

19 thoughts on “Yankees want Beltran but Beltran wants 3-year deal

  • hotdog

    I've always liked Beltran but he's an injury risk in addition to being at the tail end of his career…i don't like ballplayers that can't draw walks and Beltran walked 38 times in 554 at bats…it would be good to have Beltran's bat but he's another guy who declined a qualifying offer and we'd being giving up another high round draft pick for a 2-3 year stint…i'd pass…

  • Clay

    Please pass on Beltran. Go for Corey Hart on a1 year deal — similar stats but cheaper plus he can play 1B on Tex's off days. Reserve $$ for Cano (or alternative such as Infante if Cano doesn't sign), 2 starting pitchers, couple of relievers and possibly 3rd base alternative such as Chavez or Reynolds. I think the Yanks can still stay under $189M and keep some early round draft picks (Granderson and 2nd round pick).

  • Ron Tamoschat

    Why don't we just go for the most obvious solution. Curtis Granderson when healthy averaged 40 homers a year in 20111 and 2012 along with triple digit RBI's. He also hits lefties. Sure , he strikes out a lot , but he also drives in runs and can steal bases AND he is only 32 and a great guy in the Clubhouse. If the Yankees are really serious about winning , then he should be our Rightfielder (Can also play Centerfield) and damn the $189 payroll limit. Ron.

  • Balt Yank

    I would pass on Beltran and Cano, unless Cano takes five years. Also, someone high up needs to phone Jeter and tell him he's the DH next year. The yanks, however, seems aimless, exemplified by their catching decisions. Cashman and Hal have been touting their catching prospects for years, yet traded Moreno for a hurt rookie pitcher, then let Martin go at 2 years $16 million, now signed McCann for five years at $85 . . . they let Chavez go last year at 1 year $3 million, but signed Youkalis for 1 year $12 million, lol (weep).

  • Looper

    Well, what Cashman has done during these years, only one word, terrible. But the owner needs him, what can you do, nothing, absolutely nothing.

  • hotdog

    if Cashman really that good to keep around…i wish someone would do a report card on him…wonder what grade he'd get…

  • rose heller

    if the yanks want to make the playoffs and if they want to advance. then they should sign beltran. after all, it's only money and the yanks always seem to have plenty of that..

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