Are the Yankees contenders or pretenders?

Jeter & Girardi

With Spring Training a little more than a month away, the Yankees have seen some former players slip from their grasp. However, while players have left, some have come and joined the Yankees, making the 2014 season a more promising event than the lackluster 2013 season. But, with the moves that the Yankees have made (the signings of Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, Matt Thornton and Brian Roberts), are the Yankees really contenders or are they pretenders?

I asked around on Twitter this morning about whether or not they believed the Yankees were pretenders or contenders and here were some of the responses I received:

@reformedtousen: if they get another good starting pitcher and everyone stays healthy we could make an playoff run

@_KingJulian_: Right now, pretenders. The pitching is horrible and with players coming off of injuries nothing is certain.

@MissYankee: Contenders because they improved their lineup tremendously. We now have clutch hitters with Beltran and Ellsbury. Contenders because Derek Jeter is back in action & will carry the team with his clutch hitting, heart, and will to win.

@secondz2late: We will lead in runs scored with prod from McCann,Beltran,Ellsbury, soriano, texeira. Need to fix the pitching.

@KLG_II: Pretenders…pitching still a huge ?

@ThatKidErick: Contenders. Toronto, Baltimore, and Tampa bay haven’t improved much this offseason, if at all.

As multiple Twitter users stated, starting pitching is a big question mark, but I have personal belief that it’s one area the Yankees will fix to the best of their ability.  The bullpen is another question mark but again, Brian Cashman has done a great job in the past putting together a Yankees bullpen on a relatively cheap budget. So what do I think of the Yankees? Do I believe the Yankees are contenders or pretenders?

The Yankees are without a doubt contendersIf they fix the few remaining areas that have question marks, there’s no reason they can’t make it to the playoffs–or possibly even win a World Series.

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23 Responses to Are the Yankees contenders or pretenders?

  1. olie says:

    As soon as they sign a closer Contenders!

  2. Yankees fan says:

    When they get a starting and closeing picker they will be good.

  3. Scooter10 says:

    Sign Tanaka, either get Arod back or sign Young or Reynolds and grab Balfour on 1 year deal ($7.5m) with a 1 year option ($7.5) based on appearances.

  4. Yankees fan says:

    Scooter you are a genius but if they get Tanaka that means a rotation like this
    1 Sabathia
    2 Tanaka
    3 Nova
    They could use one more cheap but descent starter like Roy Oswalt or Jake Westbrook.

  5. Tanzo says:

    If CC continues to lose weight, it will be a bad season. I believe his weight lost has decreased his velo. On his fastball. He looks like half the man from when he first signed

  6. Nick Martineau says:

    The NewYork Yankees win the 2014 World Series.

  7. Yankees fan says:

    I forgot Kuroda that would mean he is 3 and Nova is 4 oops sorry bout that.

  8. tom says:

    David Phelps >>> Oswalt and Westbrook. Don't you dare to insult him. 🙁

  9. Yankees fan says:

    Phelps could help out the bull pin and become a reliever Oswalt or Westbrook could help a rotation Phelps would get the cance once in a while to start games

  10. Tom Heck says:

    I think the closer will be fine, Roberson is not Mo and should not be expected to be, but using some of the young guns (Phelps) in the set up role and bull pen will show us who has heart and signing a journeyman relief pitcher will firm things up. I think CC bounces back and using Kuroda a little different (Start with one days added rest for first 40% of season), I look for Nova to have a break out year. And it is put up time for Peneda.
    They have enough offence that if A Rod is suspended I would look for solid defense and if we can get some offence that would be a plus. The questions to me is Jeter at his age? what do we get from Tex? and How do the Yanks keep Gardner from thinking he is a few Yankee losses away from being traded?

  11. Dave Guarnieri says:

    For some Godforsaken reason they are making a play for Nelson Cruz. He is in decline at the plate and has never been a particularly good outfielder. However, If they do indeed sign him, the ChiSox are looking for a catcher and JR Murphy would seem to be a good fit.. Package Brett Gardner (rental), Eduardo Nunez and Murphy for Chris Sale and Alexi Rameriez (rental) or Jeff Keppiner. All three White Sox ' are coming off some type injury but reports are that all have a clean bill of health.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      If the Yankees at the off chance sign Nelson Cruz it would be Ichiro or Wells that would have to go. White Sox would laugh at a Brett Gardner, Eduardo Nunez, JR Murphy trade for Chris Sale and not because of Gardner but because the deal would be unbalanced.

  12. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Yankees will win 2014 WS

  13. Yankees fan says:

    If it comes down to Nelson Cruz Ichiro should go he is old and lost his batting ability.

  14. Yankees fan says:

    The Yankees are hoping to be a good team no matter who we get or don't get GO Yankees!

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