Carlos Beltran signing becomes official

Carlos Beltran 4

I guess today wasn’t exactly a great day for me to stay away from the computer to run errands. While I was away, the Yankees announced the Carlos Beltran signing became official. There had been a delay in making the deal official but it was due to Beltran not being in the city to take the physical. Now that it’s cleared up, the Yankees can move on and give Beltran his Yankee press conference.

Speaking of the press conference, the YES Network will air the event tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. The number Beltran will wear with the Yankees won’t be a surprise. He’ll wear #36 so if you bought a Kevin Youkilis jersey (without the name on the back) last season–you now own Carlos Beltran.

Roster Move: Since the Beltran signing became official, the Yankees have designated Brett Marshall for assignment.

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  1. DANIEL ALVIRA says:

    Beltran in my opinion is in the same caliber with JETER as an athlete with class that will never show his emotions negatively on the field he is an outstanding addition to the organization. Someone who is not selfish and will give his all every day and night. WELCOME TO MY HOOD CARLITOS! Yankee stadium is only a few blocks from me LUQUILLO PUERTO RICO

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