Cashman has “absolutely” gotten calls about Gardner

Brett Gardner 7

Brian Cashman is well aware of the many teams that have called him about his outfielder Brett Gardner, although Cashman admits that he’s not looking to shop Gardner around.

“I’m not looking to move him.” Cashman told LoHud. “But when asked, have people called, absolutely they’ve called.”

It’s possible that Gardner could be a trade chip for the Yankees since he is the only one with the most trade value, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees keep him to be the everyday left fielder. It also would be smart to keep Gardner in the chance (it’s a pretty good chance) that Jacoby Ellsbury becomes injured at some point during the season.

Although the Yankees aren’t actively shopping Gardner, the Yankees are shopping Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro is a fourth outfielder at best, but he makes decent money in 2014 and there would bound to be a team to get him.

With the overcrowding of outfielders, it would make more sense to shop Ichiro or possibly release Vernon Wells to make room for the other outfielders on the team. Although Gardner is the most valuable, he’s still a proven asset to the Yankees and could help in multiple ways in the final year of his contract.

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22 Responses to Cashman has “absolutely” gotten calls about Gardner

  1. We've Bindupped says:

    I am so sick and tired of the Yank's trading away their young talent for "old worn out has beens" looking for a "quick fix". Their farm system has more weeds in it than quality players. Auggggggggg!

    • tom says:

      30 years old is not a youngster. If Yanks traded Gardner for 28 years old SP then it should satisfy you..

  2. Yankee Fan says:

    They need to trade Ichiro or release Wells.Keep Gardner I believe Gardner has more talent than Ichiro and Wells he has the potential of being a 300 hitter!!!

  3. tom says:

    Wow… I read other media and forums. they said Gardner is expendable? What the hell? Only your article made sense.

  4. Pasta says:

    Gardner Sanchez nunez and phelps for Phillips and Bailey

    • Tanned Tom says:

      A middle of the rotation pitcher from the NL and a 2Bman that nobody wants in their clubhouse. Oh yeah that's worth a starting LF, a possible 5th starter and the team's best prospect.

  5. Ram says:

    Don't get rid of Ichiro. He still has legs and a canon for an arm. His bat is not bad. Release Wells he hasn't done anything for years. Ichiro is consistent. Keep Ichiro!

    • tom says:

      Need to clear both spot and money. Releasing Wells won't clear money, according to Cot's. 6.5m for Suzuki would be preferable despite I doubt the whole salary will be moved.

      Soriano – 5m – Only legit right handed power without Arod in the lineup.
      Suzuki – 6.5m – 3rd left handed hitting OF.
      Wells – 2.4m – Clubhouse spirit.
      Gardner – 4-5m – starting caliber LF.

      I won't trade Gardner for anyone but SP. I don't know who will be Cubs' CF but Gardner for Samardzija would be welcome. Maybe 2 or 3 m more for Yankees out of the trade.

      • Ram says:

        Okay God forbid Ellsbury or Gardner gets hurt then what? Beltran also has a history of leg issues. Wells has no wheels. Keep Ichiro for insurance. Having Ichiro as back up outfielder makes sense.

        • tom says:

          It is a risk Yankees willingly take.

          Ellsbury hurt – Soriano at LF, Gardner at CF.
          Gardner hurt – Soriano at LF.
          Both hurt – Soriano at LF, either rookie at CF.

          Injury during a game – Soriano, Johnson and Wells would do LF or RF. Ryan may take CF for emergency.

          It clearly is not my plan to master, mind you.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        You probably can't get anything for Wells, so you have to trade Ichiro.

    • Ichiro's bat isn't bad? He hit .262/.297/.342 last year. Not since Tony Womack have the Yankees had such an inept hitter on their team. Vernon Wells was as equally pathetic as he hit .233/.282/.349. I can't believe the Yankees had both on the team the entire season last year. How pathetic.

  6. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Release Wells and keep all other outfielders. Goin to need them.

  7. mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

    This is just me putting in my opinion: I've been following Gardner ever since his rookie year and I always knew that he was a special player. He proved me right. Now that he's a year away from his contract expiring, I don't like the way that the media is making it seem like the Yankees HAVE to trade him in order to fill in holes. The Yankees are better off keeping Gardner. Here's why:

    A) He's better than Soriano in LF: Gardner is younger and a better defensive player than Soriano. Trading Gardner means the Yankees are once again getting OLDER, which is something the club should be staying away from.

    B) He's the only other CF aside from Ellsbury: Say Jacoby Ellsbury is injured and can't play for most of the year (hypothetically), who is going to play CF? Ichiro? He's too old. Vernon Wells? He's not going to be of any help. Zoilo Almonte? He didn't really help much last year, what makes the Yankees think he will help again this year as they attempt to contend. Alfonso Soriano? He barely knows how to play LF, let alone CF.

    C) There are other OF that need to go: Vernon Wells could be released and Ichiro could be traded. That way it saves up a roster spot and the Yankees save money.

    D) Gardner + Ellsbury = The Dynamic Duo: Gardner and Ellsbury are fast and are two of the best OF in the leagues. Having the both of them on one team would mean the Yankees would have an unstoppable OF.

    Now, let's say the Yankees did trade Gardner. All they would get is probably a year rental. Is that really worth trading one of your best players on the roster, one of the few home grown talent that's left? I just think if the Yankees trade Gardner, it will be one of the dumbest moves Brian Cashman could make.

  8. Joe says:

    Has anyone thought of working Soriano out on ground balls to determine if he could return to his former position of 2nd base. That way, they could keep all the outfielders, especially Gardner

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Soriano hasn't played 2B since I believe 2005 or 2006. I was thinking the same thing as well, but the Yankees would never go for it.

    • A 38 year old who hasn't played the position regularly since 2005 who when he did play there posted Rtots in the negatives, ranging from -10 to -20 while in his prime (ages 25 to 29). No.

    • Soriano was one of the worst, if not THE worst, second basemen of his time. I don't see how moving him back there after 8 years is going to be anything but a train wreck.

  9. Scooter10 says:

    I'm a big fan of Gardner. But he is under control for only 1 more year. Next year, he becomes a free agent. Period. If the Yankees feel that Heathcott or Williams have the potential of Gardner, why not consider a deal now while he has value (i.e. next year he had none). I would consider a deal that brings back a #3/4 starter (Samardzija, Bailey), starting 2B (Phillips, Hendrick) or starting 3B (Headley) for Gardner + top prospect.

    As for Ichiro/Wells, we all get it. They are expendable. But market is not high on these guys. We're not going to get anything back that will make the team significantly better.

    I'm also fine keeping Gardner, signing Tanaka and Infante. That would probably be my first choice.

  10. Why did the Yankees pay for Ellsbury in the first place when the money could have gone towards upping Cano's bid to at least $196 for 8-years or used to fill the other holes the team has.

    The bullpen is in shambles, as I love D-Rob but he is not a closer, yet and why move him when he is the best set-up man in the game? Need a lefty specialist and at least two more solid relievers, along with a second baseman but knowing Hal don't be shocked to see Kelly take over for Cano.

    Hal S. said over and over that fielding a championship ball-club was priority #1 over the $189 million, so I guess that was a lie.

    Hal must slash ticket prices a ton and make beers $5 at games to make things fair.

    My father and uncle are both season ticket holder for decades and as of now neither is renewing for the first time. I never thought that day would happen. Speaks volumes.

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