Girardi reveals Cano was unhappy hitting second

Joe Girardi 8

Manager Joe Girardi sat down with the media earlier this evening and one of the topics that was brought up was Robinson Cano and the issue of Cano not wanting to be managed by Girardi. This time, Girardi tells his side of the story–sort of.

Without outright confirmation, Girardi acknowledged the report in the New York Post about Cano’s frustration at batting second in the lineup during an injury plagued 2013 season.

“He didn’t tell me he was unhappy, but there were things that I heard and I sat down and talked to him,” Girardi toldĀ ESPN New York. “He was like, ‘Whatever you need.'”

Girardi also said he hoped Cano would stay with the Yankees, but understood why Cano took the Mariners deal.

“I’m sure St. Louis never thought they were going to lose Albert Pujols,” Girardi said. “When someone throws that type of deal in front of you, it is hard to say no.”

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