It’s Day 2 of the Winter Meetings! 15

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Action wise, Day 1 of the Winter Meetings was pretty much quiet. Rumor wise, it was hectic.

Well, welcome to Day 2 of the Winter Meetings and the Yankees still have a lot of work to do. They need starting pitching, a second basemen and some bullpen pieces (but I stress, they do not HAVE to trade Brett Gardner to do any of those things). Moving on, here’s the schedule of what’s going to happen today.

1. Brian Cashman is at the Winter Meetings and arrived late yesterday afternoon. No moves were made yet, but the day before Cashman responded on his hesitance and reluctance to trade Brett Gardner. The Yankees confirmed that they are not actively shopping Gardner and are not looking to trade him, but they are listening to proposals. Then again, everyone (who doesn’t have a no-trade clause contract) is expendable and the GM’s will listen to proposals. Doesn’t mean Cashman will act on them.

2. Joe Girardi will arrive at the Winter Meetings today and will address the media later this afternoon. I would expect that one of the first questions would have to be about Robinson Cano. Yeah, I’d probably stay away from the Cano questions to Girardi, especially after Yankees fans found out Cano didn’t want to play for Girardi anymore.

3. Curtis Granderson will be introduced as a New York Met today. He’s no longer Yankees relevant but for the last four seasons, Granderson has been  the one guy that every team wished they had in their clubhouse. Sure, I won’t miss the strikeouts but I will miss his personality, his power bat and work ethic. Can we start a club for ex-Yankees that have left the team but will always be “real Yankees”? Because in my opinion, Granderson would be one.

15 thoughts on “It’s Day 2 of the Winter Meetings!

  • The Editor

    Cano's comments about Girardi are plain stupid. If you look a this stats, he would have hit more HRs and had more RBIs hitting second than third in the lineup. And he didn't like Girardi because he hit second 40 games and third in 110 games. Sounds like someone who is only interested in himself and not the team. Let see where he hits and what his production is in pitcher friendly SAFECO? He is just mad the Yankees wouldn't give him 240 million over 10 years. Let's see how he likes playing in rainy Seattle.

  • Ruben Sierra

    Its simple, Cano is Greedy only looking out for himself. Pedroia and Wright both agreed to less than market value money to stay with their home team, that is called loyalty something Cano will never have. Go Yanks!

  • Gregory Farshtey

    If you believe an athlete's job is to make the most money he can, then Cano is a successful athlete. If you believe an athlete's job is to win — to play meaningful games, to lead his team to a championship — then he is not. Seattle is not going to overtake Oakland or Texas anytime soon, and as Eric Wedge pointed out, their front office makes the worst years of the Boss look like Disneyland. He has sentenced himself to 10 years in a baseball backwater with a fan base that doesn't care that much about the team, a schedule that requires being constantly on a plane, and a spotlight due to that contract that will brand him a failure if he has a bad week or two. (And, seriously, if you are an opposing pitcher, are you going to pitch to him, or pitch around him to get to the no-names hitting behind him?)

  • The Editor

    Granderson just said the real team in NY is the Mets! What has he been smoking??? The Mets are and have been second best in NY ans NJ and CT if you want to know forever. YES has better ratings than SNY and the Yankees draw better at home and away than the Mets. So Grandy keep smoking what you are smoking because you are going to need it playing at Citifield.

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