Jacoby Ellsbury to be introduced as a Yankee

Jacoby Ellsbury 3

If you’re a Yankees fan, brace yourselves: you’re about to see Jacoby Ellsbury in pinstripes–and without a beard!

The Yankees are to announce the Ellsbury signing at Yankee Stadium today in a press conference event. The conference will happen less than 24 hours after ex-Yankee Robinson Cano was introduced as a Seattle Mariner.

Now, the Yankees aren’t going to pretend that they’re done with fixing the team this offseason. There’s still a lot of work to do with the starting rotation, the second base situation and the bullpen. However, what the Yankees will do is step back a moment and welcome a new member to the Yankees family.

Just some words of advice: if you happen to live with a Boston Red Sox fan, keep them away from the television during the conference. Or better yet, make them watch with you so you could rub it in their face that they lost their prized center fielder to their most hated rival.

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