Judging Brett Gardner trade proposals

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Since Brett Gardner is one of the biggest topics on the Yankees, I thought I would try a small exercise involving Gardner. On Twitter, I asked Yankees fans to come up with trade proposals involving Brett Gardner. I’ll list the trade proposal and then I’ll give my take on whether it would be a deal the Yankees should do. 

Brett Gardner (NYY) for David Price (TB): This trade will not work out for an abundance of reasons. For one thing, David Price is the ace of the Tampa Bay staff and Brett Gardner alone will not get you Price. The Tampa Bay Rays also have a habit of not trading players within the American League East, so that’s that.

Final Verdict: Not even if they were the last two players on earth, this trade wouldn’t happen.

Brett Gardner (NYY) for Alexei Ramirez (CWS): MLB Network suggested this trade this morning and the first thing I said was, “The Yankees would never go for this.” MLB Network stated Ramirez could be insurance for Derek Jeter in 2014 since Ramirez also plays short stop,  however the Yankees already have insurance for Jeter. The Yankees didn’t sign Brendan Ryan for nothing, you know.

Final Verdict: Yankees don’t need another SS, so no.

Brett Gardner (NYY) for Chris Sale (CWS): Chris Sale is the ace of the White Sox staff. Brett Gardner’s trade value wouldn’t be enough to get Chris Sale. As a matter of fact, Brett Gardner by himself wouldn’t bring back any ace. The trade would be fair to the Yankees–but it wouldn’t be fair to the White Sox.

Final Verdict: No chance it happens.

Brett Gardner (NYY) for Brett Anderson (OAK): Brett for a Brett, huh? Brett Anderson is a decent starting pitcher–but he’s been hurt every year since 2009, so he wouldn’t bring much value to the Yankees if he lands on the disabled list. Honestly, if it were a contest to see who would be injured first, my bet would be on Anderson. Anderson has good stuff, but his injury history would be enough to stay away.

Final Verdict: Unless you like injury prone starting pitchers, then this wouldn’t work.

Brett Gardner (NYY) for David Freese (STL/LAA): David Freese is a St. Louis Cardinals World Series hero from 2011, but that wouldn’t be enough to trade Gardner for Freese in Los Angeles. Freese plays third base and of course, people are thinking ahead if Alex Rodriguez would be suspended…but his numbers from the 2013 season are nothing to really write home about. Gardner had a better average (.272 vs. .261) and had a better OBP than Freese (.344 vs. 340). Basically they’re the same player minus the positions they play. Trading a Gold Glove caliber OF for an average fielding 3B? I’ll politely pass.

Final Verdict: No chance it happens

Brett Gardner (NYY) for Joe Kelly (STL): The Cardinals wouldn’t do the trade since they consider Kelly a viable asset to their rotation. It’s possible it could work, but no way St. Louis goes for it.

Final Verdict: St. Louis won’t allow it to happen.

Brett Gardner (NYY) for Shelby Miller (STL): Again, I don’t really see the Cardinals moving anyone from their rotation for Gardner. They value their pitching, as it was shown during the postseason last year.

Final Verdict: St. Louis won’t allow it to happen

Brett Gardner (NYY) for Brandon Phillips (CIN): From a numerical standpoint, Gardner for Phillips seems like a fair trade–but the Yankees have to also think about the dynamics in the clubhouse. In the clubhouse, Gardner is polite, respectful to the media and his teammates enjoy having him in the clubhouse (despite Gardner playing harmless pranks on them). Phillips on the other hand, isn’t so popular in the Reds clubhouse. Phillips has famously complained about his contract and belittled a media writer because the writer rightfully brought up his low OBP. If Phillips could crack and show anger in Cincinnati, then I don’t think he’s mentally fit for New York, regardless how many home runs he hits.

Final Verdict: No. Way.

Brett Gardner (NYY) AND Austin Romine (NYY) for Homer Bailey (CIN): This is probably the one trade that could possibly work and the one player I possibly would consider dealing Gardner for–but the Reds won’t go for it. They’d probably want more prospects because I don’t think Gardner and Romine would be enough for the trade.

Final Verdict: Reds wouldn’t do it, so no.


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22 Responses to Judging Brett Gardner trade proposals

  1. hotdog says:

    apparently there is a good deal of interest in Brett Garner…he's not capable of bringing in a decent pitcher on his own though…the Yankees seem to be of two minds regarding Gardner, one being keeping him as their starting LF or 4th outfielder and the other, trading him as excess…unless the Yankees have a deal for a decent starter (which would include another player), I'd prefer to keep him…it would be nice to have a homegrown out there everyday…

    • Weeks says:

      Agree about the homegrown players. I’m tired of the Yankees using their own guys as trade bait. The mercenary nature of the teams over the last decade makes them less likeable.

  2. Thefishpen says:

    Where's my Garth Brooks trade?!

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I'm sorry, I had so many tweets about Gardner, yours must have gotten lost. I could answer it right here for you. 🙂

      Garth Brooks..yep, same. Arm, leg and Gardner to see Garth Brooks live. 🙂

  3. I don't think that Gardner is much of a trade chip on his own. He's a solid player, but there are still teams that don't value defense that much and he's 30, in his walk year.

    I do think that if you put together a package of Gardner + Gary Sanchez + Tyler Austin then you have the start of a solid package that teams might be interested in. Still, though, that's tricky because then you have to find a team that (1) that needs Gardner in 2014 and (2) is interested in prospects that are still a year or two away from the majors. That's a tough combination that I'm not sure even exists.

  4. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Great, so nobody wants him. Thats the best news i've heard in 2 days.

  5. nyyfan says:

    Brett Gardner for John Danks. I would do that but Sox WSox have DeAza or I'd trade him for a second baseman. Either Danny Espinosa on Washington or Dustin Ackley on Seattle.

  6. Bill says:

    Why don't we keep Gardner??? How about Chris Sale for Sanchez or Murphy (Sox Choice), Heathcote or Mason Williams (Sox Choice), Nunez and Turley or Campos (Sox Choice). It is a four-for-one deal that helps the Yankees but also gives the Sox fair value. It gives the Yankees a rotation of Sale, CC, Kuroda, Nova and WHOEVER emerges as the 5th starter and only costs them one player (Nunez) who has any chance of making this year's team.

    • mjinco says:

      that would be a great deal for both tems i feel like

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      If you called the White Sox offering Sanchez or Murphy, Heathcott or Williams, Nunez and Turley and ask for Chris Sale, they're going to hang up the phone. None of those players are enough trade value for Sale.

    • Outside of video games, quantity is not better than quality. Teams would usually have 1 or 2 really elite prospects than 4 or 5 mediocre prospects. So just throwing all of the Yankees prospects at them won't necessarily work.

  7. Bob Spencer says:

    With the injury histories of the two new guys, Gardner may end up playing just about full time anyway.

  8. Vin Giordano says:

    paul goldsmidt…wade miley……

  9. Tim Smith says:

    Gardner ,Nunez , Sanchez, and phelps for Price even through in cash! Same division kills us on this one hope he goes to NL then

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      An NL team would be great, Tim. That way we don't have to see him all the time.

    • Think about it, if you were the Rays why would you consider giving up Price for an outfielder who is going to be gone in a year, a crappy infielder, a decent but not great prospect, and a 4th or 5th starter? If Cashman proposed that trade, the Rays would probably never accept another call from him again.

  10. mikefoxtrot says:

    Brett Gardner (NYY) AND Austin Romine (NYY) for Pablo Sandoval (SFG) and Heath Hembree (SFG)

  11. hotdog says:

    we could see Brett Gardner for a mid level reliever…i don't think we'll do any better 1:1…

    • mikefoxtrot says:

      then there's no point in trading him.

      • hotdog says:

        we would get very little i believe…looks like their trying to move Ichiro…Yankees will have to eat salary but maybe there's someone in trade worth having…again, not much but hopefully not nothing, dependent on how much salary they eat…

        • mikefoxtrot says:

          not sure that the Yankees would want to pay much or any of ichiro's 2014 salary unless they're getting a player who is ready to fill a position of need and making a salary far lower than Suzuki's.

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