Kelly Johnson & Hiroki Kuroda deals official

Hiroki Kuroda 4

I’m sorry in advance if my posts have been slightly erratic the last couple of days. I’m currently in the process of moving (the joys of adulthood) and I’m still trying to get settled all while providing Yankees news at the same time. Anyway, to save time I’ll kill two birds with one stone and report both of the official deals:

The New York Yankees have announced that both deals with 2B Kelly Johnson and SP Hiroki Kuroda are official. Kuroda’s deal is 1 year and $16 Million. Johnson’s deal is for 1 year and $3 Million.

The Yankees still need to fill holes in starting rotation and find an every day second basemen, especially with the departure for Robinson Cano. The Yankees could go for Masahiro Tanaka when he’s posted and sign Omar Infante to be the every day second basemen, should they chose to go that route.

Well, it’s a wild offseason so anything could happen. It’s already been a wild ride so far.

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2 Responses to Kelly Johnson & Hiroki Kuroda deals official

  1. tom says:

    180m already without incentives/bonuses and Arod. 40 man roster is full as of right now. I guess Yankees are in confident that Arod will be banned for 211 games. Wow, it is very immature.

  2. Michael R says:

    Here's to hoping Kuroda gets enough rest days to finish the season strong.

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