My five favorite moments from the 2013 season

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So we all know how the 2013 season ended for the Yankees (it wasn’t good) but just because the year ended poorly, doesn’t mean that there weren’t any good moments in the 2013 season. The moments that occurred in 2013 were so special that it almost took the sour taste from Yankees fans mouths that their team wasn’t going to be in the 2013 postseason. Here were my five personal favorite moments from the 2013 season in numerical order.

1. Mariano Rivera‘s farewell tour/final game: I’ve grown up watching Mariano Rivera for the past 16-17 years (I was too young to remember his entire career) so to see his career end was the beginning of uncertainty as to who would fill Mariano’s shoes. However, Mariano was still there in 2013 and that was when Rivera decided to go on a farewell tour, going city to city to talk to the behind the scenes workers while getting beautiful gifts from rival teams. Although the farewell tour was beautiful, Mo’s final game at Yankee Stadium was the game that left Yankees fans (and Rivera) in tears. The moment Mo started to cry, there was not a dry eye in the house. That moment signified the end of an era and was a beautiful end to an amazing career.

2. Andy Pettitte‘s final career game: Andy Pettitte was another Yankee that was retiring after the 2013 season and the way his career ended was just as amazing as Mariano’s. Pettitte’s final game of his career was in Houston (where Andy grew up) with his family and friends in the stands. Andy also pitched a complete game ended up being victorious. However, although Pettitte, finished what he started, doesn’t mean it didn’t come with drama. Fans thought that Joe Girardi was going to take Pettitte out in the 9th inning, in the end he decided to let Pettitte finish the game–and it had to be the best decision Joe Girardi had ever made.

3. Derek Jeter‘s comeback (Part 2): Derek Jeter made multiple comebacks before shutting it down for the 2013 season, but the moment I particularly enjoyed was his second comeback on “Hideki Matsui Retirement Day”. In his first at bat on the first pitch, Jeter hit a home run which let fans know that he was back (until he ended up on the DL again). But in that moment, it was like we were watching the Derek Jeter Movie and Jeter did something that could possibly come off a Hollywood script.

4. Hideki Matsui’s Retirement Day: No one can ever forget what Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui did for the Yankees during the 2009 World Series run, and for that Yankees fans are forever grateful to him. It was a wonderful day when Matsui decided to sign a one day contract and officially retire as a Yankee. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to a player who deserved to wear the historical Yankees pinstripes.

5. Brett Gardner saves Mariano with a walk-off: Rivera already had one blown save against Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers in early August and he had just blown another one–again to Miguel Cabrera. The Yankees looked as if they were going to lose again to the Tigers–until Brett Gardner came to bat. Gardner had a walk-off single earlier that week and Gardner used some magic once again when he hit a walk-off homer and saved the closer from getting a loss. Not only did Gardner help the Yankees get a win, but he also got a taste of his own walk-off tradition–by getting doused with Gatorade and chunks of ice. 

Honrable Mentions:

Brett Gardner robbing Daniel Murphy of two HR’s during the 2013 Subway Series.

Yankees visit Dodger Stadium and getting the chance to hear legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully call a Yankees/Dodgers game.

Ichiro Suzuki‘s 4,000th career hit (which is from both MLB and Japan).

— The Yankees bonding trip to West Point.

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