Phil Hughes era in the Bronx is over

Phil Hughes 2

Well Yankees fans, it looks as if the era of Phil Hughes in the Bronx is finally over.

According to CBS Sports, Phil Hughes and the Minnesota Twins agreed to a three-year deal worth $24 Million pending a physical. Hughes is the second addition to the Twins rotation following Ricky Nolasco with a four-year deal worth $49 Million.

Hughes was the youngest free agent starter in the market, going 4-14 with a 5.19 ERA in 2013 with the Yankees. Hughes needed the change in environment; Yankee Stadium is too small for him since he’s a fly-ball pitcher and Target Field is a pitchers ballpark.

We wish Hughes the best of luck and we hope he can turn his career around (just not vs. the Yankees).

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3 Responses to Phil Hughes era in the Bronx is over

  1. Vin Giordano says:

    twinkies have lots of young talent…looks like they will making playoff runs soon…..still not sure if they can ever get back to the kirby puckett teams..but they have enough young talent to get a few all-stars

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Thank goodness this guy is gone. I cannot believe anyone would give him a 3 year deal, but bad teams do get desperate.

  3. Michael R says:


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