Randy Levine addresses Cano, Rodriguez, Gardner

Robinson Cano 20

New York Yankees president Randy Levine spoke to the media today during the Yankees Pinstripe Bowl presser and he addressed the ‘Robinson Cano to the Seattle Mariners’ saga, the ‘will Alex Rodriguez be on the Yankees in 2014′ saga and the ‘will Brett Gardner be traded’ saga. Of course, it was brief since the Yankees weren’t the main focus of the press conference, but the tidbits were interesting nonetheless.

On Robinson Cano: “If $175 million isn’t trying I don’t know what is. Hal made it very clear we’re not doing ten year deals. We found in our own experience they just don’t work.”

On Alex Rodriguez: “He is on our payroll, he is in our budget and will continue to be until something changes.”

On Brett Gardner: “We are not shopping Brett Gardner.”

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