Report: Boone Logan signs with Rockies 9

Boone Logan 2

First the Yankees lose out on their second basemen Robinson Cano and now the Yankees lose out on their lefty specialist.

According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, the Colorado Rockies signed Boone Logan to a multi-year deal to be their lefty specialist, a job that Logan held with the Yankees for the past four seasons. The deal is reportedly 3 years and $15 Million pending a physical.

With the Yankees losing Logan, they might have to go into the free agent market to find another lefty specialist, or they could look within the organization. If the Yankees do look within the organization, they have Cesar Cabral and David Huff as potential options.

9 thoughts on “Report: Boone Logan signs with Rockies

  • Michael R

    Boone had his share of ups and downs. Not too many reasonably effective lefties out there to choose from so he could be difficult to replace.

  • hotdog

    I just don't understand why the Yankees didn't sign him…are they going cheap now….i sometimes think that the Yankees will sign the star appeal players but don't do a good job rounding out the roster with good secondary players…if they can't do that, the Yankees won't do much better than 2013 imo…

    • Weeks

      I totally agree. They seem to just go for the glamor guys to sell tickets but it’s not as if Logan would have broken the bank. Losing him may cost them a few games and, in the end, a few ticket sales too.

    • gcorcoran

      It does seem that way, but Boone Logan was not worth the contract he got. He had a significant injury at the end of last season and there's no guarantee he comes back the same guy. With how much Colorado payed him for a reliever… with question marks? I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    • Robert B.

      Unfortunately you are right, I guess that Logan wanted to come back but Cashman was busy with other issues. Not withstanding, 3 years for a left specialist that has had big ups and downs is a little tisky BUT IF A GUY LIKE iNFante can get 4/30 then 3/15 for a lefty releiver is no biggy. BTW, this year's market is going crazy!

  • Rob Abruzzese

    Boone Logan has been heavily used by the Yankees over the past 2 years or so and has had major injury scares late last year. He will be hard to replace, but re-signing him would have been inviting disaster. Move on and find another, cheaper reliever. It's the one area Cashman has been really good at — finding value in the bullpen.

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