Report: Yankees sign Brian Roberts for one year deal 13

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It was speculated around midnight  (when most of the baseball writers and bloggers were sleeping) that the Yankees were likely to sign Brian Roberts to a contract to fill a gap at second base. Well, Brian Roberts pack your bags because you’re coming to Yankee Stadium!

According to Ken Rosenthal, Jon Morosi and Jerry Crasnick, the Yankees and Brian Roberts agreed to a one-year contract worth $2 Million plus incentives. Now it’s worth noting that Roberts hasn’t played more than 80 games since 2009 due to injuries but this could be a gamble that pays off if the Yankees play their cards right. If healthy Roberts is a great player so the Yankees are obviously hoping that Roberts can find a way to stay off the disabled list, a list the Yankees know all too well about from last season.

13 thoughts on “Report: Yankees sign Brian Roberts for one year deal

  • Mike D

    Yeah Brian Roberts will play 4 games before he gets injured again.. Should of traded for Brandon Phillips!

  • tom

    2m for part time player is hard to sneeze. DFA Nunez would make it better.

    Part time players:

    Kelly Johnson – 2B….. 3B/LF/RF/1B
    Brian Roberts – Bench….. 2B
    Dean Anna – Minor…… 2B/SS
    Brendan Ryan – 3B/SS……. 2B/1B
    Eduardo Nunez – DFA?……. 3B/SS/2B

    Unless Yankees already created a spot for Beltran, Yankees would need to find 2 spots for Beltran and Roberts, barring Arod's hearing result. I would dump Wells and Nunez in a heartbeat.

  • Tanned Tom

    To make room on the 40 man roster they probably have to trade Nunez and Wells or Suzuki. Nunez should be easy enough to move as he is still youngish, though the return will be minimal. Trading one of the others will take finding a team that has a very particular niche it wants to fill, and even then they'll have to pay some of Suzuki's salary and take back bupkus.

  • Rob Abruzzese

    I would like this deal much more if it were a minor league contract (which means they wouldn't need a 40-man roster spot for him until the season started). I know it's still pretty low risk, but this is a guy that has been a negative value player over the last four years with a .246/.310/.359 line. At this point I expect Kelly Johnson to start at least 100 games at 2nd.

  • olie

    I have to disagree Rob. The reason they signed Johnson was to make sure there behind was covered if Cano was not signed. I would say that they see Roberts as a upgrade and I would not be surprised to see Johnson gone by the beginning the beginning of season, depending on Roberts health. You don't see to many platoon situations at 2nd. Can Johnson play 3rd base?

  • JolleyChew

    Brian Roberts will curse the Yankees just like Mike Mussina did. The only down side is that it will be for only one year instead of eight.

  • hotdog

    i just saw the name Dean Anna as a potential infielder for the Yankees…i don't know how they got him from the Padres but he had a great year with their AAA team…if he can field, he might be worth keeping around…

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