Robertson believes he can “follow Mo”

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After Mariano Rivera retired following the 2013 season, opinions have been mixed about whether or not David Robertson could follow the footsteps of Rivera in the coveted closer role. Of course, Robertson isn’t the closer yet but Robertson has faith that he could get the job done.

“I think I’ve got the stuff to do it,’’ Robertson told the New York Post on Saturday while doing charity work for his organization ‘High Socks For Hope’. “It’s just a matter of coming out there and doing it. It’s the same thing as throwing the eighth inning. You got to get three outs, but there is no one behind you.’’

Not only are opinions mixed throughout the fanbase, but also within the Yankees organization. General manager Brian Cashman said last month, “I’m not sure Robertson is capable yet. He’s never done that before. I think he’s earned the right to take a shot at it.’’

Robertson has earned the right to get the first chance at closing games, but Robertson’s not expecting the job to be handed to him simply because he was the eighth inning man in the Yankees bullpen.

“Nothing’s ever been handed to me. I’ve had to earn every position I’ve had with the Yankees.” Robertson said. ” If it’s not given to me next year, I can still be an effective pitcher in the eighth inning and still help us win ballgames.”

Would he like the job? Of course he would. But Yankees fans can’t expect that Robertson is going to be close to perfect just like his predecessor was.

“I definitely want the opportunity. Everyone has to realize though that I’m not Mo, so I’m just going to be me. I felt like I learned as much as I could from Mo. I stuck to his side like glue last year. Hopefully some of it sunk in. Mo’s consistency is what sticks with me — on and off the field he’s the same guy.”

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3 Responses to Robertson believes he can “follow Mo”

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Give Robertson a shot at it, and don't make the mistake of paying a FA closer too much money (ala Rafael Soriano).

  2. Michael R says:

    Robertson will issue more walks but still will be an effective closer. He isn't Mo but who is?

  3. DC Yank says:

    Not throwing enough strikes is his weakness, but he has swing-and-miss ability. Trying to chip the edges is indicative of a lack of confidence. That will make or break him as a closer, but we know he's a fine set-up man. Some guys make the transition (i.e. Mo), and some don't.

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