So what would be Plan B?

Masahiro Tanaka 6

Yankees fans are well aware what Plan A is: attempting to sign Masahiro Tanaka so they would only have one spot to fill in the rotation. Signing Tanaka could be the make it or break it moment of the Yankees offseason.  But we have to think logically here; what if the Yankees don’t sign Tanaka? What if another team swoops in at the very last moment and makes an offer Tanaka can’t refuse? What would the Yankees do then? Well, they would have to go to Plan B. The main question is, what is Plan B?

The Yankees could…

a) Sign a pitcher from the free agent market: There are still some pitchers on the market that are readily available. The names include Bronson Arroyo, Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez, Johan Santana and A.J Burnett. The last two names I listed are more of a Plan Z if Plan B doesn’t work out. I can’t really picture neither pitcher on the Yankees (or in Burnett’s case a return to New York). If the Yankees were to look within the market, I would think Bronson Arroyo would be an ideal fit should the Tanaka sweepstakes not go their way.

b) Find a pitcher within the organization: The Yankees are already going to find a fifth starter within the organization, so it could be possible that the Yankees look within their organization for a fourth starter as well. Pitchers Michael Pineda, David Phelps, Adam Warren and Vidal Nuno are all competing for the fifth starter spot and it wouldn’t be too far off to think that they could compete for the fourth starting rotation spot. Now, this could be a drastic move if the Yankees can’t sign Tanaka and don’t find anything reliable in the free agent market but the next “Plan B” I suggest might just spell out desperate.

c) Trade for a starting pitcher: To be honest, the Yankees don’t really have the pieces to trade for a starting pitcher, but there is one player that has plenty of trade value at this moment: Brett Gardner. The Yankees trading for a starting pitcher would seem pretty unlikely since Brian Cashman has stated time and time again that he sets the bar high on Gardner and that he wouldn’t trade him for just anyone. However, it’s possible that if the Yankees do trade Gardner before Spring Training arrives, that it would seem like a desperate move, and one that the Yankees could  end up regretting. 

The Yankees have an abundance of options for Plan B, but if the Yankees could control what happens in the near future, they would do anything in their power to make sure that Plan A is successful.

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12 Responses to So what would be Plan B?

  1. onix says:

    It would be nice if the Yankees can get both, Tanaka n Arroyo even tho I also like Garza.

  2. SkinnyMikeAxisa says:

    I like Garza too…It would make sense to sign Tanaka and another pitcher (Garza or Arroyo), since Pineda may not be ready, plus he still has minor league options. Phelps and Warren can remain in the bullpen, and be the long men and spot starters….Who's to say Nova can be consistent as well.

    As has been said, you can never have too much pitching…and if it only means money, then we have already blown past the 189 limit, so why not spend.

  3. realitycheck75 says:

    You left out Hanson and Lannan as possible FA pitchers.
    And I think while most all of us Yankee fans continue to say, we HAVE to get Tanaka. I think it's equally important that Pineda HAS to work out.
    I know we have other options in Phelps, Warren, Nuno and Banuelos. But I think Nuno needs a little more time to build up his innings and maintain his arm strength. I don't think Banuelos will be ready in time for ST in order to contend for that 5th spot. And between Phelps and Warren, one of them is expendable, or will become expendable. While I feel Warren has a better chance of making the rotation, Phelps, to me, he's destined for a long relief roll out of the pen. And if we're looking towards next year, Nuno, Banuelos, De Paula and Ramirez, barring any injuries or set backs,and they continue to develop their secondary offerings, they'll be fighting for a spot then.

    This Tanaka signing Is probably the most important FA signing the Yankees need to make since CC in 09. And if they can fill out the bullpen, this season could definitely be something special.

  4. Yankees fan says:

    If Tanaka doesn't work out they still have Matt Garza AJ Burnett Bronson Arroyo Dan Harden Oliver Perez Roy Oswalt Jake Westbrook and Johan Santana left in free agentcy so their is many more options the one that seems to fit is Johan Santana and AJ Burnett. They have many options if they don't get Tanaka so let the buying begin!

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      A.J Burnett fits as an option? I don't think so. He didn't do too well in NYC the first stint (minus 2009). I wouldn't want him back again.

  5. @Jim_Catfish says:

    If Tanaka ends up being out of reach, we don't need to sign another pitcher……… and Gardner is not available

  6. budseligblows says:

    or they could stand pat and pursue a FA pitcher next year. it would sure beat signing some mediocre pitcher to a craptastic contract simply because the fanbase demands it.

    hell…. if alex gets suspended for the year and tanaka goes elsewhere hal might be able to have his little 189gasm after all.

  7. walter says:

    I believe there are two Santanas available. I actually think E. Santana might be the most attractive non-Tanaka FA out there.
    At this point, doesn't matter who we get for rotation — the bullpen is horrible. Just wondering: Would the combination of Balfour and Drew be a cheaper and better Plan B?

  8. Scott says:

    Tanaka and arroyo are the only two options besides our own guys. Arroyo is never hurt and has already pitched in Boston and tanaka is a cant miss from what I read. Garza and Jimenez are too costly and Ervin Santana is another Phil Hughes with the homers. Sign Balfour on the cheap and sign Rodney as well. Hope banuelos and Pineda finally do something

    • Mike Sommer says:

      No way in bloody hell do I want that hot-dogging, can't wear his hat right, arrow-shooting Rodney.

  9. olie says:

    Signing Tanaka would be ideal but if that does not happen now would be the perfect time to try some of your kids in the rotation Warren,Phelps,Nuno ect. The Yanks don't need to bring in starters now, they can make a trade later in season if needed. What they do need is a top end closer like Balfour if healthy!

  10. If the Yankees don't sign Tanaka it is because they really didn't want him. The only acceptable excuse would be if Tanaka pulls a Cliff Lee on the Yankees.

    Otherwise it will be more BS "leaking" to the press from "sources" to make it seem like the Yankees are "all-in" so fans don't freak out.

    BOTTOM LINE is Hal Steinbrenner made this promise to fans:

    “The 189 is a goal. It’s important, and it’s certainly a goal that we take seriously and we’re going to strive for, but as I’ve said before on numerous occasions, it’s not going to come at the expense of fielding a championship-caliber team. We know that’s what we’re expected to do, and we’re going to do it.”

    Does Hal care more about making money or winning?

    Out bullpen is not in good shape and he let the best player walk without even counter offering $200 million over 8-years, which would have been fair, but he is going to bust his "goal" of $189 million for Tanaka?

    I am having a very hard time understanding Hal's rational here….except fans keep falling for his words not his actions. Lets hope I am totally wrong here.

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