Some midday notes: Cano, Chamberlain, Gardner, Phillips

Brett Gardner 13

It seems as if things are beginning to quiet down for the Yankees during the Winter Meetings (hint, hint: Brett Gardner trade rumors) but there’s still some news revolving around some former Yankees as well. Here’s a recap on everything that’s happened today thus far:

— If you were hoping for Robinson Cano to fail his physical–sorry. Robinson Cano is officially a Seattle Mariner for the next ten years and he has a no-trade clause. Cano will be introduced as the newest member of the Mariners tonight at 6:00 p.m ET in a press conference. The press conference will air on MLB Network for everyone out of the Seattle area.

— First Phil Hughes found a new home and now Joba Chamberlain. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Chamberlain signed a  one-year, $2.5 Million deal with the Detroit Tigers to be a part of the Tigers bullpen. The contract comes with incentives. Here’s a tidbit fact: In nine career games (one start), Chamberlain is 2-0 with a 1.76 ERA in Comerica Park.

— As we’re all aware, the Yankees declined a trade from the Cincinnati Reds that would have sent 2B Brandon Phillips to the Yankees and OF Brett Gardner to the Reds. The reasoning behind it was Phillips wanted to re-negotiate his contract to add more money to it before agreeing to the deal. Phillips is scheduled to make $50 Million throughout the next four seasons while Gardner is scheduled to make at least $4 Million in his walk year.

According to a tweet from Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees value Gardner’s speed, on-base ability, superior defense and his clubhouse presence. Rosenthal added that Gardner is also a longtime favorite of Brian Cashman’s.

To add to the Gardner talk, Jack Curry of the YES Network tweeted out: “As Gardner rumor mill continues spinning, don’t underestimate how much the Yankees’ hierarchy values him. They will only sell high on him.”

In other words, if the teams out there really want Gardner, they’re going to have to really knock Brian Cashman off his feet, or else the only way they’ll have a chance to acquire Gardner is if they fight over him next offseason.


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13 Responses to Some midday notes: Cano, Chamberlain, Gardner, Phillips

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Thank goodness they didn't trade Gardner. And who wants a clubhouse cancer like Phillips in any case?!

  2. tom says:

    Unless Yankees pull another surprising move, 2B and a couple spots of back end rotation will be contested by youngsters. I like that way.

    2B will be Kelly Johnson if Arod is still there. Otherwise, Dean Anna, Jose Pirela, David Adams, Corban Joseph and even Eduardo Nunez will try to win the 2B job. I root for Pirela at 2B and Anna replacing Nunez as back up 2nd utilityman. I don't count on Ryan because he will be seen at SS for most of time.

    4th and 5th starters would be Michael Pineda and David Phelps but I hope to see some glimpse of Jose Ramirez, Nik Turley, Shane Greene or Brett Marshall in MLB rotation.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Adams was non-tendered.

    • Dean Anna seems like the classic AAAA player, will be 26 with great minor league stats but no major league experience. Yanks are running a rumor mill to discredit Phillips IMO—so to get him on the cheap. He is a Gold Glove flashy type who drove in 103 runs last year in an "off" year, imagine what he'd do if he was in top of his game! Plus, think about it, his salary is a relative bargain and I think he is made for New York. That gap at 2nd is imposing. But putting a Gold Glove next to Ryan makes them strong up the middle. When and if Derek plays, he can "cheat" a bit to his right given Phillip's great range. With a 100 RBI bat at 2nd they have the luxury of going with a subpar guy like Johnson, Nunez (who's defense did improve the 2nd half of last year) or even Reynolds. I hate to give up Gardy but he is a FA to be.

  3. Michael R says:

    Because baseball is such a slow game, and the season is so long, the Clubhouse demeanor is crucial. Obviously Phillips seems to be a failure in that vital area. Add to that, the fact that he is getting wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much money.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      Great point, Michael. I mean if you compare the clubhouse demeanor, Gardner is worth keeping. The Reds are mostly trading Phillips because his attitude is getting on their nerves. Meanwhile during the tough long year, Gardner lightened the mood in the clubhouse by letting lose, playing childish yet harmless pranks (even Joe Girardi liked it because Gardner would swipe his game day notes the morning of the game and Girardi never said anything about it) and creating a walk-off tradition with the Gatorade. I would rather take Gardner in a heartbeat since he makes things fun rather than Phillips who complains and lashes out at others.

  4. Chris says:

    What happened to Ronnie Moustelier? Is he still in the mix for 3b?

  5. @Jim_Catfish says:

    Robinson Cano press conference already happened.

  6. And Cashman loses another game of chicken: Omar Infante signs 4 year contract with Royals (Buster Olney TWEETS). Suddenly, I long for Horace Clarke.

    • Ron Tamoschat says:

      This is sick. What the hell is up with Cashman ? Doesn't he know the Yankees nees a second baseman , a major leagueer , not a triple A guy.Ron T.

  7. olie says:

    Or Homer Bush!

  8. Guest says:

    way to go CASH……….MAN…….

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