Some notes and tidbits from the Ellsbury press conference

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This morning it was all about Jacoby Ellsbury, who was formally introduced into the New York Yankees organization via press conference. Ellsbury looked thrilled to play in the Bronx after seven years with the Boston Red Sox, Brian Cashman was thrilled and Joe Girardi was estatic. Here were some notes and quotes I took away from the Ellsbury press conference, and I’ll do it in a Q & A format.

Q: What is Jacoby Ellsbury’s new number?

A: Jacoby Ellsbury’s new number is #22 because for some reason, #2 was taken. In a coincidence, Robinson Cano‘s number with the Seattle Mariners is #22. #22 was also the former number of Roger Clemens and was the number Vernon Wells wore last season.

Q: Why did Ellsbury choose 22?

A: Ellsbury: “Two is my favorite number, so why not have two of them?”

Q: What tempted Ellsbury to sign with the Yankees?

A: Ellsbury: “The tradition, the great players who have played here. The commitment to winning.”

Q: Did Ellsbury turn to anyone for advice before signing with the Yankees?

A: Ellsbury said he called Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira for their opinions about playing in New York. The both of them assured Ellsbury that he would love playing in New York and he wouldn’t regret it.

Q: Why did Brian Cashman sign Ellsbury in the first place?

A: Cashman: “He’s a dynamic player. someone who can make a difference on the offensive and defensive side.”

Q: How does Joe Girardi feel about having Ellsbury in New York?

A: Girardi: “Seems like each week my job gets a little easier. You’re no longer a thorn in my side. You’re a flower in our clubhouse.”

Q: Did Ellsbury have anything to say about his former team, the Boston Red Sox?

A: Ellsbury: “It was seven great years. Unbelievable first part of my career.”

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