Source: Cano didn’t want to play for Girardi

Robinson Cano 19

Just when the Robinson Cano saga against the Yankees couldn’t get any worse: it did.

According to the New York Post, it wasn’t just the money that had Robinson Cano running to the Seattle Mariners. It might have something to do with the fact he didn’t like to play for manager Joe Girardi either.

He told me he didn’t want to play for [Girardi],” a friend of Cano’s said.

Throughout the 2013 season, Girardi had Cano bat either 2nd or 3rd in the lineup after Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez were MIA for most of the season due to injuries; Jeter with the ankle injury and Rodriguez with his hip recovery.

“Robbie didn’t like batting second, he wanted to bat in the middle of the order,” one person close to Cano said. “The Yankees wanted him second because that was best for the team. He wanted to hit in the middle of the order to drive in runs [to increase his value].”

Now, the NY Post article clearly states that it was mostly the money that had Cano going to the Mariners, but Joe Girardi was inadvertently part of the reason Cano also left. For baseball being a team sport, it seemed the only person Cano cared about throughout this entire ordeal was himself. Well, Cano doesn’t have to worry about Girardi being his manager for the next 10 years. Have fun in Seattle, Robbie.

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16 Responses to Source: Cano didn’t want to play for Girardi

  1. Nick martineau says:

    Sold out!!!!!!!

  2. vavoom says:

    Fro opening day last year Yanks have improved offensively at catcher, left field(if Gardner), center field(Ells), right field(Beltran), and DH(Soriano). I Jeter comes back and hits 250 and Tex comes back and hits 25hr's and 90 ribeyes(both of which are makeable) they will have improved offensively at these slots as well. Assuming 3rd base is a wash and the obvious downgrade at second the offense is at a net 6 improvement. The bench with Johnson, Suzuki, Cervelli, Nunez will also be much improved. Letting Cano go sucks but overall this team will be greatly improved offensively Now if can somehow land Tanaka and Balfour I think we are good to go.

    • Guest says:

      There have been offensive improvements, though anything is an improvement over last season. We can make up for Robbie's lost WAR. I think the team will be stronger for 'spreading the wealth', but pitching remains a concern.

      CC's done unless he can learn to paint the corners after his decline in velo. And Kuroda knows how to pitch, but must have his workload managed due to age. Nova's still a question mark – what happens if he implodes like the 2nd half of 2012.

      Tanaka's a must and though I like a good 5th starter competition in ST as much as anyone, if they can do better going outside the organization, then do it, but absolutely no dumpster diving.

  3. EP1 says:

    250 hits for Jeter? Dude, you're smoking some good stuff.

    We have two starting pitchers who are worth a crap and CC is getting long n the tooth.

    Derek can have 350 hits and everyone can play like a juiced up ARod but without arms it will be a long year.

  4. Philip C. Herr says:

    Cano needs to go play tennis or golf if he wants to be so self centered. Frankly, I was tired of him "half assing" down the first base line on ground balls.

  5. He needs to watch who his friends are if this report is true.

  6. David K. says:

    Cano's only got one or two good years left in him, if that. Anyone else see that he doesn't get around on the fastball the way he did a couple of years ago? Almost all of his homers in 2013 were on off speed pitches. Seattle did us all a big favor. Spreading the money around on three guys to make up for Cano's bat is a better bet.

  7. hotdog says:

    Cano was offered close to $75 million more from Seattle…yes, the contract was longer but there's no guarantees what he might garner after the 7th year…money in hand…as far as a Cano telling a friend that he didn't want to play for Girardi, who cares with the exception of those that enjoy a good soap opera…i just want to know who is calling the shots with these free agents now, Cashman and/or Steinbrenner…

  8. Tanned Tom says:

    Sabermetricians usually make the case that the best hitter should be hitting second. The manager moves you out of your preferred spot, you man up and do your best. So if this is any way true then I say good riddance, and I want to see what happens when he dogs it down to first in Seattle. Now if we could only find a way for the Mariners to take A-Fraud back…

  9. Michael R says:

    Cano is a greedy punk. Expect a lot of negative comments from him about the Yanks for awhile.

  10. wally says:

    I am very happy to see Cano gone, replaced by three very good players who improve us around the field. I suspect that we will hear more about Cano and his buddies A-Rod, David Ortiz and Jay-Z. Doesn't take an advanced degree in cynicism to wonder how Cano could be clean with those three pals. I was very skeptical of Hal's competence and courage, but happy to conclude at least tentatively I was wrong. He has stepped up admirably and Yank FO has done remarkable job in turning what looked like dismal two or three years into a very hopeful team outlook. Amazing that the NY press keeps moaning over loss of Cano, ignoring the vast improvement in this team.

  11. Ram says:

    Cano is sooo slow. He had to go. No effort running to first. Rarely made a clutch hit during his tenure. He looked good catching pop ups.

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