Source: Mariners now in on Cano sweepstakes

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So during a gigantic MLB sweepstakes, there’s always the one team that comes out of nowhere and puts a price on the table, a price higher that usually has the original bidder on edge. In this prime example, Robinson Cano is the prize of a gigantic Major League Baseball bid and the Yankees are presumed the favorites to land him. The Yankees laid their offer on the table, a 7-year, $170 Million deal. However, one team came out from the shadows and placed an offer down on the table: The Seattle Mariners.

According to ESPN New York, the Mariners are willing to offer Robinson Cano a contract of 8-years and $200 Million. With the Mariners putting the offer down on the table, a source close to the contract negotiations said the Yankees chances of retaining Cano are “less than 50-50”.

The Yankees have said that they will increase their offer to Cano–but not by a whole lot. The Yankees would offer Cano $175 Million which is $25 Million a year, an offer the Yankees believe is “incredibly fair”.

“Not even Derek Jeter¬†got that kind of money,” the insider said.

A source close to Cano’s side of the bargaining believes that Cano should get more in the free agent market due to Cano being “the best player on the board”, “the best overall player in baseball” and Cano being “indespensable to the Yankees”. However, a source from the Yankees side doesn’t see it that way.

Ratings for games on the YES Network took a decline this season and not as many fans were going to Yankee Stadium in 2013. The source for the Yankees believes that Cano doesn’t have the star power to sell tickets, and Jeter and Alex Rodriguez being on the sidelines for most of the season was the proof the source needed to back up his claim.

“We don’t see Robbie Cano as the best player in the game,” one of participants at the meeting is reported to have said. “We see him as one of the best.”

Talks between the Yankees and Cano aren’t expected to resume until Cano lowers his asking price, with the Yankees believing there is “nothing to talk about” at this point.

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2 Responses to Source: Mariners now in on Cano sweepstakes

  1. olie says:

    Not a chance!

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    Cano just priced himself out of NY (think about THAT for a moment!). Meanwhile for what the greedy Cano and his agents (Jay-Z) wanted, the Yanks got McCann AND Ellsbury. Think about that. Basically Cano for McCann AND Ellsbury.

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